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Villain Overview

I just wanted a family!
~ Eveline.
Why does everyone hate me?
~ Eveline lamenting on people hating her.

Eveline, codename E-001, is a bioweapon in the form of a young girl and the main antagonist of the 2017 survival horror video game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and a posthumous antagonist in Resident Evil Village.

She was a B.O.W created by Mother Miranda and The Connections. Miranda attempted to use her as a vessel to revive Eva. However, this attempt was a failure due to Eveline's unhealthy obsession of having a family, causing her to act violently and unstable. She was found by Jack Baker who took her into his house, only for her to control the Baker Family (except for Zoe). She used Mia to write the letter to bring her husband and main protagonist, Ethan Winters, to Dulvey just to kill him and used the mold to revive him, only wanting him to become her father. In their final conflict, Ethan killed Eveline with the help of BSAA.

She was voiced by Sumire Morohoshi in the Japanese version, and by Paula Rhodes in the English version. Paula also voices Angie in Resident Evil Village.



E-001, codenamed Eveline, was created by NEXBAS (Next-generation EXperimental BAttlefield Superiority) Initiative done by H.C.F. (Hive-Host Capture Force) and Tentsu members to function as a bioweapon capable of psychically manipulating infected people with a fungus called Mold, when the degree of the contamination was high enough as well as turning her subjects into new B.O.W.s called "Molded". The Mold itself was a modified strain of the original one in possession of Spencer's former mentor Mother Miranda. It's later revealed that Eveline was also created with the DNA of Miranda's daughter, Eva, but the mother wouldn't see Eveline to be the perfect vessel to resurrect her late child.

In spite of a breakthrough in her creation, she had to be periodically injected with a special serum that kept her powers and sanity under control. Was she not injected with said serum, her Mold fungus inside her would accelerate her ageing, corrupt her mind and turn her into another Molded.

Three years prior to the events of the game, Eveline was transported to a different facility on a ship under the watch of two caretakers, Alan and Mia due to attempt sabotages by agents from the arms industries as her existence would render conventional arms sale worthless. However, she managed to escape and began spreading her infection all over the ship, killing or turning all of the passengers and crew members into Molded. How her rampage started was due to during the transport, a hurricane approached the ship and at the same time, a group of people from a rival company attacks.

To make matters worse, the attack took place the wrong time as during the said attack, Eveline's powers became unstable and with her creators being occupied by the attack, she spread her fungus out of control, first infecting Alan and then running away and vomiting excessive amounts of Mold before turning everyone on board into Molded. Eveline finally killed Alan in front of Mia before infecting her with the Mold in the hopes of turning Mia into a mother figure. She and Mia escaped from the ship as a number of explosions occurred.

Afterwards, Eveline and Mia were found by the Baker family, who took them in and nursed them back to health. Without the regular injections of the serum however, Eveline began to age rapidly, taking the form of an old woman. She infected the Baker family with her mutation-inducing powers, contaminating their food, turning them nearly immortal and influencing them to kidnap people and turn them into Molded.

DLC of the game, "Daughters", revealed how chaotic the situation where Eveline instigated the infection. Overhearing Jack's decision to call for help after led both Mia and Eveline to stay, Eveline, who fed up with people who may similar to her caretakers, become mad so much that she instigated the whole family's infections starting Marguerite. When Marguerite suddenly attacked Zoe due to infection, Jack goes to stop her, but ultimately succumbed to the infection as much as his wife and Lucas, with Zoe being the least infected.

Mastermind Revealed

Mia Path (Canon)

If Mia is given the fungicide serum, Zoe reluctantly stays behind and gives a bitter farewell to Ethan and Mia. As he and Mia escape on a boat, Eveline attacks in order to stop them from leaving as they go to the ship that had been used for her transport. She knocks Ethan out and takes him into the bowels of the ship where the infection started. Mia pursues Ethan and encounters Eveline, who reminds Mia of her role in her (Eveline's) past. Mia manages to rescue Ethan, but Eveline attempts to take control of Mia and use her to kill Ethan. Thanks to the serum, Mia is able to resist Eveline's influence long enough to allow Ethan to escape and gives him a vial of Eveline's DNA that will allow her to be destroyed.

Zoe Path (Non-Canon)

If Ethan attempts to escape with Zoe by giving her fungicide serum instead, Mia will be heartbroken over the choice despite Ethan's promise to send help. As he and Zoe escape on a boat, she reveals that Mia arrived with Eveline three years ago, and that Eveline is responsible for infecting the family. Eveline attacks in order to stop them from leaving as they go to the ship that had been used for her transport. She knocks Ethan out and takes him into the bowels of the ship where the infection started. Mia pursues Ethan and encounters Eveline, who reminds Mia of her role in her (Eveline's) past. Mia manages to rescue Ethan, but Eveline attempts to take control of Mia and use her to kill Ethan. Eveline manages to take over and Ethan is forced to kill Mia, but Mia gives Ethan the vial before she dies.


Ethan pursues Eveline into a salt mine and is attacked by dozens of Molded sent by Eveline. However, he manages to defeat the Molded and later, uses machines left by NEXBAS Initiative members behind to create E-Necrotoxin, more potent version of Mold cure from Eveline's DNA before pursues her into the guest house visited at the beginning of the game. Ethan is attacked by hallucinations of Mia, but manages to reach Eveline and injects her with E-Necrotoxin.

Eveline's true form is revealed as the seemingly comatose woman in a wheelchair who mysteriously follows Ethan for most of the game. The serum does not immediately kill her, but give horrific side effect: It dissolves her into a puddle of black liquid, trigger her uncontrollable transformation into her monster form which taking appearance of a gigantic, grotesque creature made of mold tissues, larger than a form she used near the ship to ambush Ethan and Mia/Zoe.

Though he got disadvantages due to her horrific mutation gave her better advantages, Ethan manages to deal heavy damage to Eveline with Redfield's help by giving him a gun loaded with more potent E-Necrotoxin, causing her to calcify and crumble into pieces, killing her for good.


Following her death, Eveline's Mold creations are left to their own devices and without her guiding them, they are all quickly dispatched by BSAA agent Chris Redfield and Blue Umbrella operatives. However, the clean-up progress is by no means easy, as not only Jack Baker's surviving infected remains eventually regenerates into a resilient Molded which eventually destroyed by his estranged brother Joe and Lukas turned out experimented with a couple of them after being cured by The Connections in return of becoming their associate.

Eveline's influence remains in Ethan's daughter Rosemary Winters. The cult known as the Four Houses led by Mother Miranda plotting to take Rose and use her as a vessel to revive Miranda's late daughter, Eva.

However, it didn't work and Miranda became weakened. In Ethan's temporarily death, he saw the hallucinated Eveline when she revealed he was also molded after he was killed by Jack Baker. Ethan was later revived from his seemingly death and used whatever strength left in him to kill Mother Miranda and successfully rescued Rose before he sacrificing himself to kill Mother Miranda and destroy the Megamycete completely.

Ten years after both Ethan and Mother Miranda's deaths, Rose became strong under Chris' care promised by her late father. An agent jokingly referred Rose as Eveline when offends her.


Eveline is shown to have a bloodthirsty and homicidal nature, but is not aware of the evil she commits. She is best described as an sadistic, monstrous, destructive, and psychopathic girl who has abused her powers to escape the ship and infect the peaceful Baker family, making them into her vicious servants. Despite this, she still acts like a child who wants to know what being loved by a family feels like. This becomes apparent when Ethan tries to kill her with the antidote. She breaks into tears, wondering why nobody truly loves her and they always hated her.


Powers and Abilities

Artificial Human-Mold Hybrid Physiology: Befitting to her purpose as a mind-controlling B.O.W. and intended vessel of would-be revived Miranda's late daughter, Eveline was conceived by infecting a human embryo and bio-engineered fungoid called Mold and envisioned as a 10-year old little girl so as to better blend in to unsuspecting populace and enemy soldiers alike. This in turn, endows her the ability to produce and manipulate excess Mold at will, including creating a colony of fungoid to suit her needs and infecting the others through contact. Because she was conceived through scientific means which include genetic alterations to accelerate her growth at the cost of mental deterioration and insanity, Eveline must be given periodic medication to halt her rapid-aging and preventing her from making a wanton use of her powers.

  • Fungokinesis: As stated previously, Eveline could produce and manipulate excess Mold for variety of purposes where the fungoid could infect other lifeforms such as humans, animals, and plants through physical contact and possessed psychotropic effects she could influence to the boot.
    • Mind Control: Eveline primary fungokinesis ability was to enthrall and sway other beings via. the Mold infection. The utilized Mold formed a bond between her and Mold-infected individuals, causing the target to become highly suggestible to Eveline's will as well as addicted to follow her commands, allowing her to instruct them to do her bidding on ease such as mutilation, murder, and self-mutilation as shown in the case of Marguerite, Jack, and for a time, Lucas. Only individuals with strong willpower and least severe Mold infection that could resist her, however. This also allowed her to command Molded, sentient humanoid monsters shaped out of Mold colony with or without human corpses as sort of frame/basis.
      • Telepathy: With the same Mold she used to infect her targets as the conduit, Eveline could communicate directly with Mold-infected individuals' minds.
      • Hallucination Inducement: Eveline could also use her Mold to create realistic hallucinations such as projections of herself that cannot be perceived by non-infected individuals, masking her true elderly form, causing them to see and hear things, and even seemingly teleport and perform telekinetic feats on ease. She used this ability to either properly communicate with Mold-infected individuals without the need of physically near them or simply drove them insane.
    • Megamycete Creation: Throughout her rampage at Louisiana, Eveline left behind a Megamycete that infested the ship she previously contained within, which stored replicated consciousness and knowledge of those who infected by Mold she unleashed. It was through this not only Ethan who revived with her powers attained necessary knowledge to operate scattered weapons throughout the swampy region under her control, but also briefly reunited with deceased Bakers who apologized for their misdeeds while under Eveline's control.
    • Mold-Assisted Telekinesis (possibly): In addition of mind control, other implied feat Eveline could perform with her Mold was moving, manipulating, or otherwise interact with objects/matter without touching them. As opposed of being a psychic ability as shown in one of her illusions, Eveline infused things with her Mold in order to mentally manipulate them just as she needed to infect someone in order to influence them.
    • Mold Tower Form: With sufficient amount of produced Mold, Eveline could transform into a seemingly immobile, tentacled tower-like fungal abomination that capable of shrugging off attacks and crushing things on ease which sported her elderly form's face on top of it. She could assume this form in matter of seconds as sort of surprise attack as shown when ambushing Ethan and Mia/Zoe near the ship that used to transport her. The only way to kill her in this state is with use of more potent E-Necrotoxin.
  • Accelerated Aging: As stated previously, Eveline's development included genetic alterations that resulted her to rapidly age around 24 times the normal human rate. This, coupled with mental degradation that came from it, could be prevented via. periodical medication. By the time Ethan finally saw her true form after injecting her with E-Necrotoxin, Eveline appeared to be an elderly woman despite only 3 years old before engaging him in her Mold tower form.


"Are you mad at me, mommy?"
~ Eveline.
"I don't want to live at the lab anymore. I want a house. And I want you to be my mommy."
~ Eveline.
"They're mine now."
~ Eveline.
"Hello, sister."
~ Eveline.
"Kill him, mommy."
~ Eveline.
"Over here, mommy."
~ Eveline.
"Stay away."
~ Eveline.
"I'm tired of waiting."
~ Eveline.
"Are you remembering?"
~ Eveline.
"You need to remember, so we can be a family."
~ Eveline.
"He doesn't love you. I can make him love you."
~ Eveline.
"You're not my mommy. Remember?"
~ Eveline.
"He doesn't want to be my daddy? Then he can die."
~ Eveline.
"Now it's mommy's turn to kill you."
~ Eveline.
"It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!"
~ Eveline.
"Damn you. Damn you all to hell!"
~ Eveline.
"I'm a good daughter!"
~ Eveline.
"You're just a little bug."
~ Eveline.


  • Eveline is the 4th main female antagonist in a Resident Evil game after Alexia Ashford, Alex Wesker and Carla Radames.
  • Eveline can be compared to Lisa Trevor, major antagonist of Remastered version of first Resident Evil. Both of them were experimented on by Umbrella and despite being terrifying are treated as sympathetic. The difference is that Lisa Trevor is human while Eveline is a molded.
  • Eveline can be considered as a foil to Osmund Saddler. While both had the ability to control people's minds, Eveline used her powers to start a family while Osmond Saddler used his powers for world domination.
  • Resident Evil Village would reveal her psychotic obsession with having a family is in fact a reflection of Miranda; who is obsessed with reviving her daughter. Had Miranda just adopted Eveline instead, it could have saved a lot a trouble for seven whole years (2014 -2021).
  • Her boss fight is considered idiotic in some ways for the simple reason of the Blue Umbrella forces asking Ethan to fire a small gun at Eveline instead of bombarding her with their own weapons. More astute players however, argue that Blue Umbrella cannot risk of hurting Ethan due to him and Eveline's mutated form are in EXTREMELY close proximity and that the gun in question IS laced with more potent E-Necrotoxin thus more than enough to kill her — if anything, they barely have better options in saving Ethan beside giving him the gun in question.


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