When men become mad, they quite lose their dignity. And without that, well... what are they but throbbing vermin made to procreate and expire?
~ Evelyn dismissing mankind

Evelyn Poole, known also as Madame Kali, is the main antagonist of the second season of the television series Penny Dreadful, and also a supporting antagonist in the first season. A centuries-old witch granted immortality by Satan, Evelyn poses as a spiritualist while secretly ruling over a coven of evil witches known as the Nightcomers, dedicating to serving Satan. She is also the mother of Hecate Poole.

She is portrayed by the late Helen McCrory.


Evelyn if first shown bathing in the blood of young girl she herself murdered. After the other witches appear, having failed in a mission to capture Vanessa Ives, Evelyn murders one of them as a warning to the others. She then sends Hecate off to murder a family, including a baby, as her magic requires the hearts of children. Hecate succeeds in the mission.

It is later revealed that Evelyn had engineered the death of her sister and rival, Joan. Evelyn had used her powers to cause harm to the village, blaming Joan for the crimes, leading her to be killed by the superstitious villagers.

Evelyn would proceed to torment Sir Malcolm Murray and his wife, ultimately culminating in forcing Malcolm's wife to commit suicide. She used hallucinations to convince Malcolm that his dead children had risen from the dead. She also trapped the lycanthrope Ethan Chandler in her tower, along with his best friend, Sembene.

Evelyne's reign of terror came to an end when Vanessa managed to break her immortality, after which she was betrayed by Hecate and murdered by Ethan.


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