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The Martians love Kuato, they think he's f-cking George Washington.
~ Everett commenting on the Rebels' vandalism of the airport

Everett is a minor antagonist in the 1990 film Total Recall. He is a captain of the Mars Colony Security Force who works for Vilos Cohaagen. He is also shown to hold a bitter rivalry with Cohaagen's right-hand man Richter, as the two do not get along very well.

He was portrayed by Marc Alaimo.


As part of his job, Everett is assigned to maintain order in the Mars Colony and take down resistance fighters (led by the mutant Kuato). He first appeared in the airport where Douglas Quaid arrived on cue while posing as a middle-aged woman. Awaiting the arrival of Richter and Helm, Everett openly berates Richter for letting Quaid escape, only for an angry Richter to tell him to watch his mouth.

Needless to say, Richter was able to see right through Quaid's disguise and orders Everett to arrest him. Everett orders several of his soldiers to surround Quaid to ensure that he doesn't escape, but Quaid activates a bomb inside his disguise head, killing several of the soldiers. Richter attempts to shoot down Quaid, but accidentally breaks the glass, sending a few of the soldiers out to die in the toxic Martian atmosphere. After the airport is sealed off from the atmosphere, Quaid escapes through a closing door, and Richter angrily demands for Everett to open the door. Everett angrily responds to Richter that he can't open as all the doors in the airport are connected to the system.

Following the deaths of Dr. Edgemar and Lori, Ritcher and Helm manage to track down Quaid (who is aided by a resistance member named Melina and a taxi driver named Benny) colony's red-district Venusville. However, the trio took refuge by hiding inside the resistance headquarters beneath a bar known as The Last Resort, where Richter orders his men to kill several of the attendants when they refuse to explain Quaid's whereabouts. Following Helm's death, Everett arrives to the scene, where he gives out Cohaagen's orders to pull back their soldiers from Venusville as Cohaagen intends to cut off Venusville's ventilation unless Quaid is turned over to him.

With the help from Kuato, Quaid soon learns that Everett is involved of a conspiracy crafted by Cohaagen that involves destroying an alien reactor that can create a breathable environment for Mars, as Cohaagen intends to maintain his abusive monopoly of selling air for profit. Quaid also learns that his current identity was nothing more than a ploy built by his former persona Hauser to lead Cohaagen to the resistance members.

It is unknown what happened to Everett following the deaths of Cohaagen and the rest of his men as he wasn't seen again afterwards.


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