Evette Bravin

Evette Bravin was a hidden villainess from "Murder on the Hour," episode 6.15 of Diagnosis Murder.

She was played by Laura Cayouette.

Evette and her police officer brother had been murdering patients at Community General; selecting only those who had near-death experiences and were brought back. One of the victims was ER resident Dr. Mason, and in her case, Evette killed her via strangulation. The killings occurred every hour on the dot, leaving Mark Sloan and company with little time to find the killer.

Evette was revealed as the villainess just minutes after Officer Bravin was shot and killed in a shootout by Steve Sloan. She had kept her identity as Bravin's sister hidden, even at the time of her brother's shooting and reveal. Just minutes later, the evil Evette stalked Steve and later attempted to kill him as well, as he had also been revived after a bullet nearly killed him. Evette attempted to strangle Steve just as she did to Dr. Mason, but in the struggle, Steve tossed Evette through a window, leading to the villainess falling to her death.