Evice is the main antagonist of the video game Pokémon Colosseum. He is the criminal mastermind behind Cipher who disguises himself as the mayor of Phenac City under the name of Es Cade. In his disguise he is a fat and jolly gentleman who appears to be worried about the increase in crime caused by Cipher and Team Snagem, yet as the head of Cipher he appears to have done nothing to stop either of them, thus ensuring that Snagem and Cipher work without interference.

Pokémon Colosseum

Colo Evice

Evice Battle Sprite

When Wes and Rui arrived in Phenac City, members of Cipher surrounded the city. One of them, Nascour, was seen leaving Es Cade's house. Wes and Rui chased away the Cipher operatives from Phenac City, and Es Cade started an investigation on Cipher.

After Wes and Rui defeated Miror B., Dakim, Ein, Lady Venus, Gonzap and Nascour at Realgam Tower, Es Cade revealed his real intentions - his role as the head of Cipher, whom Nascour reports to.

Evice provided Team Snagem with powerful technology. In return, Team Snagem stole Pokémon from innocent trainers. They were transformed into Shadow Pokémon in the Shadow Pokémon laboratory and shopped via the Under Subway to be dispensed to the general public in Pyrite Town and the Under. Evice then built Realgam Tower. The criminal mastermind wanted to attract wealthy Pokémon fans to the sky-scraper and charge them money to see evil tournaments between Shadow Pokémon.

Wes managed to defeat Evice and Chief Sherles arrived to arrest him. Evice had one last trick up his sleeve and he tried to escape using a helicopter. The legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh put a stop to his plan.

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

While Evice does not appear in this game, he is mentioned by various NPCs. A woman in the Pokémon HQ Lab states that he is still in prison, and Chief Sherles states that he wasn't the real leader of Cipher after all.

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