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So like that, that thing, being mighty me at the apex of my power? It can't be that way, isn't it? To put the power of your attack into perspective... to my iron body, you could inflict damage just ONCE. Now! Crawl out of that hole already and reach my corporal source! Witness my real appearance, the lot of you, as you see hell!
~ Evil turning into Jashin Evil.

Evil is the main antagonist and final boss of the 2004 GBA game Densetsu no Starfy 3 He is Ogura's "personage", as well as secretly the overall main antagonist of the whole series.


When Ogura was young, Evil enslaved him as his minion and told Ogura about Pufftop, sending him to conquer it.

When Ogura returned to Evil, failing Evil's plans, he gave Ogura one more chance and enhanced his form; however, this transformation is very painful for Ogura. In the Old Castle, when Moe remarks on Kyorozou's mention of Evil that he will never join him, Evil struck a lightning bolt at Moe, but Kyorozou pushed him away and was killed in Moe's place.

Evil is fought at the end of the game. In order to truly defeat him, Starfy must collect 41 of 42 Evil Crystals. Despite having one short, Starfy and his friends confront him anyway.

In battle, the first form has what is presumed to be Evil sitting in a giant chair. His hands break free and move around the arena (keeping the same lines). They fire thunderbolts occasionally. The player has to jump on each hand to hit the weak point, which is the head. This form is not very difficult, although it does speed up quite a bit during the last two bars of health.

The second form is where things become relatively more difficult. After climbing up to a large platform with water on either side, Evil flies down with his new jet pack. After his intro, the player fights him. This form is much more difficult compared to the last form. What the player must do to damage him is cause him to punch. This leaves a gap for the player to attack his jet pack (it takes two hits on each thruster). After the jet pack is destroyed, Evil falls down (despite the fact he has three pairs of wings). The player must then attack the head before he gets back up. He has a large amount of attacks at his disposal, such as a triple thunderbolt attack (this soon becomes three times the amount during his last two bars), he can spit an egg out of his mouth which hatches into tiny blob-like enemies that slow the player down, and if the player tries to attack before he punches, he will grab the player and throw him/her, which stuns. He tends to follow this up with a mini-meteor attack (that has a pretty obvious crosshair), and it is difficult to dodge due to the tiny window of opportunity the player gets to dodge from recovering. During the last two bars of health, Evil becomes very fast, and launches huge amounts of attacks at once. His punch attack gets a lot faster (making it a lot more difficult to counter) and during the last bar of health, he rises up. A green energy ball forms a giant meteor at the top. The player must destroy this in order to defeat Evil. After hitting twelve random weak points, he falls again, attacking his head again will finally defeat him.

After defeating him in battle, Starfy attempts to use the Evil Crystals to seal away Evil, but this was not enough. Evil torments the heroes by claiming he will destroy the entire universe. Realizing his mistakes, Ogura appears and offers the last Evil Crystal, sacrificing his life to destroy Evil for good.



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