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Evil 80's Mouse

Evil 80's Mouse is a character in Bunnicula. He only appeared in "Evil Cat Videos", in which he is the main antagonist. He is a grey mouse and wear black fingerless gloves, red coat.

He was voiced by Ryan Alosio.


When Chester watching old video tape, Chester has been possessed by an evil video cassette, which has been by the ghost of a mouse whose soul entered the tape.

Bunnicula interrogate the ghost in order to find out what he's up to and figure out how to save Chester. He order Chester to fight Bunnicula but fails, he tells Chester to kill/hurt Mina when she is sleep, Bunnucula tried to stop Chester from kill Mina, Chester snap out of it, 80's Mouse fail to control Chester, Chester hit and destroy cursed video and 80's Mouse's spirit been free from being trap in video and passed on.



  • He also spoke with stereotypical 80's lingo.
  • He seems to be a parody of Chuck-E-Cheese.
  • He is been being trap in video tape for 35 years.


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