The Evil Acorn is the main antagonist in Conker's Pocket Tales for the Game Boy Color, whom appears to be an acorn who has busted Conker's surprise party and has kidnapped Berri and stole all of his presents and invitations.


No, no, no¡ I´ven had enough of you. I´ven planed a bomb and this whole place is going to blow in five minutes. You're all doomed¡ Awha¡ Ha¡ Ha¡
~ Evil Acorn

In Conker's Pocket Tales, it appears that the Evil Acorn has something against Conker, as he hides in a cake at Conker's birthday party, pops out, kidnaps Berri, and steals his presents. Conker then sets out to find his girlfriend, Berri and his presents, as well as the Evil Acorn. After Conker ventured through Willow Woods and Mushroom Town, the Evil Acorn was there waiting for him, and has made Conker fight Hsstamean. After Conker defeated Hsstamean, the Evil Acorn had taken Berri into the Old Barn and into Rapido Ranch. After Conker's adventure in the western themed land, the Evil Acorn had made Conker fight Sol and Luxo, whom Conker ultimately defeated.

Final Fate

I'll get you squirrel
~ Evil Acorn's last words

The Evil Acorn then headed off towards Krow Keep, and after Conker made his way through the castle, the Evil Acorn pitted Conker against Waldorf. After Waldorf's defeat, the Evil Acorn runs to the Mako Islands and the Claw Swamp.

In the end of the game, the Evil Acorn is blown away sky high into space orbit, vowing revenge as Conker and Berri return home to enjoy the night. The Evil Acorn last appears in the end credits.



  • It is unknown if he would have appeared again in the canceled game for the Nintendo 64, Conker's Twelve Tales, since they have seen their minions, as common enemies. But it is possible that they went to work with Hoodlums, the next main villain, who had a similar goal to the Evil Acorn: to steal the presents.
  • His defeat is very similar to Professor Von Kriplespac's, since both fall into space. This was probably intentional on the part of the developers.


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