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Evil Aladdin.png

Well, look who's come back... my wimpy counterpart.
~ Evil Aladdin to Aladdin

Evil Aladdin is a villain who appears in the Aladdin animated series, specifically in the episode, When Chaos Comes Calling. He is an evil clone of the real Aladdin created by Chaos.



Evil Aladdin is almost identical to Aladdin, except that his skin is paler, he has dark linings on his eyes. He also wears a black vest and dark-brown.


In contrast to Aladdin, Evil Aladdin is cruel and loves to torment the innocent. He absolutely despises his counterpart and longs for his destruction, and has no qualms with summoning a destructive genie to destroy the city to do so.

Powers and Abilities

Being a copy of Aladdin, Evil Aladdin has great agility and cunning, and even has his own magic lamp. His fighting style seems to be more aggressive then Aladdin's, but his ego can cause him to lose.


When the all-powerful trickster, Chaos was "tricked" by Mirage into going to Agrabah by making him think that it's boring over there, he causes mass pandemonium to make things more lively. The heroes attempt to convince him that things are more exciting in Agrabah by telling him of their constant adventures and battles, but Genie slips up by saying that Aladdin always wins. Chaos decides that it is Fate at work, and even he cannot go against Fate. However, he comes up with the idea to create an evil counterpart of Aladdin to fight the real one, believing that would even things out and make the outcome more unpredictable.

Chaos then teleports both Aladdins to the city to begin their brawl. Aladdin attempts to reason with his dark twin, but Evil Aladdin gets annoyed and knocks Good Aladdin off the rooftop. Evil Aladdin then starts harassing some nobles, but Good Aladdin appears and they fight again. Then Genie appears to help Aladdin out, so Evil Aladdin summons his own Genie, which begins rampaging throughout the city. Upon seeing his Genie knock down the other, Evil Aladdin brags about his superiority, only to be knocked back into a well by Good Aladdin.

It is assumed that Evil Aladdin disappeared when Good Aladdin wished to return Agrabah to normal.



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