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Buzz Lightyear, spreading evil to infinity and beyond.
~ Evil Buzz Lightyear after he ruthlessly destroyed Star Command.

Evil Buzz Lightyear, also known as Evil Buzz, is an antagonist in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command TV series. He is alternate reality version of the heroic Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear (the hero of the series). Like his heroic counterpart, Evil Buzz has excellent fighting skills, weapons training, etc. He also wields a powerful laser gun which can blow up places in one shot and has a jetpack that is identical to the real Buzz's or capable of using another jetpack (like the one from the Shiv Katall armor). Overall, he is very much the same as the good ('normal') Buzz. This is best seen when he is able to survive things like a ship's explosion or nearly falling into the sun.

Just like his heroic counterpart in the series, he was voiced by Patrick Warburton.


Evil Buzz comes from an alternate universe where he, instead of Emperor Zurg, has complete control over his galaxy and rules it with an iron fist. He also has his own armies of Hornets that are far more superior in combat and strength than that of Zurg's Hornets. Throughout his conquest of the universe, he also destroyed many planets, even Mira's planet that resulted in getting her father killed.

He first appeared in the episode "The Lightyear Factor", when one of Zurg's brain pods accidentally opened a portal to the alternate universe. Traveling to the alternate universe, Zurg is shocked and surprised to see that Evil Buzz rules his universe with an iron fist. Zurg then proposes an alliance with Evil Buzz, that they capture the original Buzz and take him to the alternate universe, which will let both Zurg and Evil Buzz to have their armies of Hornets to destroy Star Command and take over the original universe. However, the original Buzz escapes and helps the alternative Space Rangers in defeating Evil Buzz, resulting him to seemingly perish in an explosion of his ship. With Evil Buzz defeated, the alternative Space Rangers head back to their universe, as it is now free from Evil Buzz' reign. However, Evil Buzz is shown to have survived the explosion after taking refuge in a large piece of debris.

Evil Buzz returns in the episode "Sunquake", where he has teamed up with Gravitina to get revenge on Buzz for making him lose control of his own universe. In the beginning he disguised himself as Shiv Katall and stole numerous devices to help him with his evil plan to take over good Buzz’s universe. To that end, they have constructed a heatproof base just above the sun's surface from which to use Gravitina's powers to shoot solar flares at Star Command, Capital Planet and wherever else they feel like. However, when the original Buzz and Mira Nova set the station to fall into the sun and Evil Buzz makes a run for his ship, betraying Gravitina leaving her along with Buzz and Mira to be killed. However, the floor splits under him and he seemingly falls into the sun. Though it was presumed that Evil Buzz may have perished in the sun, however, unbeknownst to Buzz (but suspecting) and the others, however, Evil Buzz managed to survive and escape unnoticed by clinging to a piece of an engine rocket that allowed him to float away from the sun.



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