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Evil Cindy is a villain from Jimmy Neutron. She is Cindy's evil clone who lives on an evil version of the planet, created by Evil Jimmy Neutron

She was voiced by Carolyn Lawrence.


Evil Cindy was created by Jimmy's evil clone, who had used Jimmy's cloning machine to create an evil version of Earth, where everyone is a complete monster.

She and Evil Libby decide to give a presentation on wedgies. They demonstrate by giving a forceful 90 degree wedgie on Evil Nick.

Then, she decides to do more deadly and painful wedgie on Jimmy with a set of jumper cables. Just before they can induce pain on Jimmy, Jimmy stops them and ties the cables around Evil Cindy and Evil Libby, painfully electrocuting them.

She is then trapped in the Dark Matter Dimension with the rest of Evil Earth.


  • Had the series continued, Evil Cindy and the other evil clones would've escaped from the Dark Matter Dimension and attacked Jimmy and his class, who were on a field trip to an asteroid (courtesy of Jimmy, himself).


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