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The Evil Council is the main antagonists of Kung Pow! Enter the Fist.

They are worshiped by Master Pain, better known as Betty.


The Council orders Master Pain to kill the Chosen One who will be a threat to their plans. One night, they sent Pain and two of his minions came to a house whose family was part of a rival order. They slaughtered the whole family by the Evil Council's orders, and found out that their baby was the Chosen One. Master Pain sets the house on fire, not knowing the baby got itself out. Years past, the Evil Council learned the the Chosen one lives and orders Betty to hunt him down and kill him. Betty is very loyal to the Evil Council, being impressed with their evil plan to "hurt many...people....that are good!". It is for this reason that he tries to kill the Chosen One, as the Chosen One and his tongue are supposedly the greatest threat to the Evil Council's plans. They sent Betty a message and informs him that the Chosen One is still alive. The Chosen One confronts Betty at the temple. They fight evenly, until the Evil Council shows up revealing themselves to be French aliens, bringing a whole armada of pyramid ships and gives Betty supernatural powers. Betty viciously beats up The Chosen One, who, in a semi-unconscious state, sees visions of Whoa and Mu-Shu Fasa giving him advice. Mu-Shu instructs him to open his mouth. As soon as he does, Tonguey flies out and attacks and destroys the mother ship which is killing the Council, causing the entire armada to panic and retreat, leaving Betty vulnerable. The Chosen One eventually rips the pyramid spikes out of Betty's chest, killing him. As The Chosen One returns home with Ling, all good triumphs for the freedom from the Evil Council at last.

In a trailer for a sequel, Kung Pow 2: Tongue of Fury, in France, The Evil Council's armada plots for revenge, either they are avenging the Evil Council or the Evil Council is still alive.


  • The Evil Council ships are a whole armada of pyramids and their symbol is a references of Valknut.
  • It is unknown what type of aliens is the Evil Council and what planet they came from, in fact they are French and based in France.