Oh, you're so cool, Brewster!
~ Most famous quote.
Don't call me EVIL anymore!
~ Evil Ed
Master will kill you for this! But not fast. Slowly! Oh, so slowly!
~ Evil Ed to Peter.

"Evil Ed" is a supporting antagonist in the 1985 horror movie Fright Night and the secondary antagonist in the 2011 3D remake of the same name. He is the vampire alter ego as well as nickname of Edward Thompson. He is the servant of Jerry Dandridge and partner of Billy Cole.

He was portrayed by Stephen Geoffreys in the original film and Christopher Mintz-Plasse in the remake.

Fright Night

Before his transformation, Ed was Charlie's best friend, though he was sometimes more of a bully than a friend and he often made fun of him. When Charley told him about his suspects about Jerry being a vampire, Ed laughed at him, but he also gave him information on how to protect himself from vampires-although he did so because the former paid him to do so.

One night, Ed pranked Charley in front of his girlfriend Amy pretending he had been bitten by a vampire. The two teenagers argued, then Ed took a shortcut. The kid was stalked by Jerry, who managed to bite Ed, transforming him into a crazy and violent vampire.

Vampire Ed tried to kill Peter Vincent, the actor who wanted to help Charley to fight Jerry, but Peter protected himself using a cross and leaving Ed with a wound. Later, Ed transformed into a wolf and tried again to kill the actor, but was impaled and apparently killed by him-however near the ending, it is revealed that he actually survived.

Fright Night Remake

In the remake, Ed Lee was Charley's former best friend. The two of them were very close due to their shared love of "Geek" stuff. However, when Charley became more popular as a result of dating Amy, he cast off and ended all forms of his former life, including his friendship with Ed. As can be expected, Ed was extremely bitter and resentful towards him for this. Early in the film, he attempts to tell Charley that Jerry was a vampire, but Charley didn't believe him and hurtfully said that his own life didn't start getting good until he stopped being Ed's friend. Very shortly after this, Evil Ed was transformed into a vampire when Jerry (Who Ed had been spying on for a while) corners him and tells him that nobody will believe him and he has no friends. We see Evil Ed, now a full vampire, later in the film attacking Charley, Amy, and Peter Vincent in Peter's penthouse apartment. He appears to now rather enjoy being a member of the undead, excitedly talking about how cool his new abilities are while stalking Charley and Amy through the room. In the end of this scene, Evil Ed was killed by Charley. During the fight, Ed had already been heavily wounded in several ways and was barely standing, so Charley put him out of his misery with a stake through the heart. Right before Evil Ed died and his body turned to ash, he softly said, "It's ok, Charley, it's ok," indicating that he had forgiven Charley for everything.


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