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The Evil Eggplants are the main antagonists of the episode Journey to the Center of Nowhere of the Tv series Courage the Cowardly Dog.

They all played by Ruffus.


They are seen spying on Muriel who says she will cook the cooked eggplant or cook them, and they with bosses Bobby and Ratatouile decide to attack her and have to wait for “The Great Eggplant” first.

Courage who is digging for water and for the plants to drink finds by chance the base of the Eggplants and hears everything. Terrified tries to warn Muriel, but as usual he doesn't understand what he wants to tell her, so Courage tries to warn Eustage, but he refuses to listen to anything he wants to tell him and throws him down the hole he dug and Courage ends up right in the base. of the Eggplants who mistake it for “The Great Eggplant”.

Courage takes the opportunity to make them do gymnastics and then tries to convince them that Muriel is not the criminal mind of their intended death, but of the supermarkets that sell eggplants, this last attempt fails because the Eggplants realize that Courage is wearing a costume. and they bind him.

Not wanting to wait for "The Great Eggplant" anymore, Bobby drives all the Eggplants to the surface and plant Eustage in the ground and catch Muriel, but then a fight breaks out with one group and another about wanting to cook her on a spit or in a pan, which allows Courage to escape and checks on the computer what he can do against the Eggplants, and finally realizes that it takes water to make them happy, so he digs, digs and finally manages to find water and pours it in time to the Eggplants.

The Eggplants are happy and pacifist without any desire for revenge. Muriel is sorry because she cannot cook them, but in Courage they get the idea of ​​letting them participate in the food contest and they win, second place goes to Eustage still planted in the earth.


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