The Evil Executioner, also known as The Executioner is a ferocious medieval executioner and a villain in the episode "The Tale of the Pinball Wizard" of the horror/fantasy-themed anthology TV series Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

Nothing is known about his origins, or whether or not he was trying to take the crown for himself. He was a strong, vicious and ruthless brute who always gives a roaring yell as he attacks his enemies without mercy.


The Evil Executioner is a huge bulky man in ragged executioner clothing wearing a traditional, black, felt-like polyester hood with eyeholes, and black leather gloves, and he wields a spiky mace.

In his alternate form as the Evil Guard (also known as The Guard), he appears as a massively muscled wrestler in a medieval-themed, brown leather trimmed guard uniform and his mask shifts to a double leather hood with the lower half of his face visible.


Mr. Olson's shop (with the Executioner dummy on the left).

Within the real world, the Evil Executioner was a dummy/mannequin on display inside the window at Mr. Olson's fix-it shop at the shopping mall. Then teenager Ross Campbell broke Mr. Olson's trust, by playing a certain pinball machine game when being told not to. Soon, the inside of the mall magically became the world inside the pinball device.

This dummy/mannequin was then chosen as a vessel to become the Executioner himself. The character was the a villain from Mr. Olson's medieval-themed pinball game. The strange pinball game however was a manifestation from Mr. Olson's wicked imagination.

He wailed a spiky mace which he soon lost not once but twice when Ross Campbell and the kidnapped Princess Sophie overpowered him while he keeps on chasing him.

The Evil Guard

Then a little while later after the Evil Sheriff's second capture of the good Princess and the eventual demise of the Evil Witch via the rapidly-moving, magic speed of the Throne, the Evil Executioner returned in a much more muscular form as the Evil Guard. It is quite possible that the Sheriff may have given him a power up boost and was elevated to this new and advanced form.

He was just about to crown the Sheriff as the king while the Sheriff himself was sitting on the Throne on the red carpet at the center of the mall's third floor, until Ross pulled out a water gun and squirted him with water. When he was squirted, he immediately got vaporized and vanished.


  • He was portrayed by Normand James.
  • An illustration of both The Executioner (left) and The Sheriff (right).

    The Evil Executioner's depicted on the frontal panel of the enchanted pinball machine's backbox as having black medieval clothing instead of white medieval clothing.
  • He is referred to by some Are You Afraid of the Dark? fans as the "Wrestler Guard".
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