Evil Ira is the fifth-in-command of the Evil Sinistras in the Thumb Wrestling Federation


Ira was born in Transylvania, and was born with a third eye which he can use to hypnotize people (initially hypnotizing his father to get out of chores and to prank him). He joined the TWF as a Dextera (good guy) and took the name Evil Ira because Good Ira was already taken, by a spectator (who looks completely identical, but also with a bow tie and a sign crossing out a picture of Ira) who than mocked Evil Ira during his round 1 match against villainous sinistra The Amoeba.

He won his first 3 games as a hero, against sinistra trio The Amoeba, The Lost Viking and N Fuego, but in his 3rd, against N Fuego, he caused outrage by dropping a piano on the referee "for luck" before pinning his immobilized opponent.

Evil Ira announces he's defecting, having been the 3rd Dextera to reach the semi finals, he "had a change of heart" and joined the Sinistras in "an announcement that will shake The foundations of TWF wrestling" for the semi final. "I never did trust you Evil Ira"

Some choice words from Hometown Huck, in them he resorted to forcing his opponent, the hero Hometown Huck, to bad mouth his fans, but Dexteras superfan Pinky was wise to Ira's ruse, snapped Huck out of it and Ira lost, although he later hypnotised Huck from the sidelines in the final against The Big Time, a spell which wore off and Huck survived and ensured the Dexteras won (with Pinky's help). Ira appeared again as a Sinistra in later seasons, but was less succesful. In the end, he rejoined Senator Skull and helped him overthrow Bucks Gazillion. Outside of battle, he sometimes appeared in short skits pranking other Sinistras.

Special Attack

Evil Ira can hypnotize people to do his bidding and can make things drop on people's head.

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