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Evil Leafy is a recurring antagonist in the YouTube cartoon series Battle for Dream Island. She was the secondary antagonist of the second season Battle for Dream Island Again.


Battle for Dream Island

Evil Leafy, recommended by MrOrange890, was one of the thirty recommended contestants and the secondary antagonist who could have been voted into the game in "The Reveal". Leafy's evil twin only received thirty-four votes, placing her fouth in voting and being sent into the Locker of Losers. Evil Leafy lost in voting to Nickel, Bomby and David. Of these three, David was the one to join the game with 102 votes. Dictionary has described her as a Leafy wannabe. She appears in Reveal Novum after being sent to the LOL as an icon for the "Staring Contest" text. She appears in the BFDIA 5b at the bottom. In Episode 25, Leafy was seen turning into Evil Leafy, but was stopped beforehand.

Battle for Dream Island Again

Evil Leafy got nnety votes to join Battle for Dream Island Again, placing fourty-eighth in the voting, which wasn't enough. Evil Leafy is seen in the alternate cut, hiding behind the trees and making four cameos. In Episode 2, she started chasing Spongy, Book, and Ice Cube, eventually sinking into Spongy. In the third episode, "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", it is shown that Spongy throws up Evil Leafy. He was not possessed nor captured by Evil Leafy, however, Gelatin comes to freeze her with his syringe and writes "First!!" on her back, ending the episode. In the following episode, "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Evil Leafy once again sinks into a character, only this time, it is Flower, who was frozen by Gelatin. In "Get in the Van", Flower spit up Evil Leafy. It is possible that she might've eaten Flower in Get in the Van. The episode ended when Evil Leafy ate the FreeSmart van along with Tennis Ball, Golf Ball, and Rocky starting the BFDIA 5b game. In "No More Snow", the FreeSmart team managed to escape Evil Leafy, and killed her by dropping a weight on her, along with Fries and Puffball.


Evil Leafy appears for a split second in "Welcome Back" when Tennis Ball grabs the Wall Teleporter.


Evil Leafy has only appeared as a recommended character in "Four Goes Too Far". She is mentioned in Book's happy thought that she received as a prize for being safe at Cake at Stake in "The Four is Lava". Book's happy thought is the debut in "Reveal Novum", where she wins Dream Island. In it, Evil Leafy is mentioned in Book's dictionary with the same definition as "Reveal Novum".


  • Out of all the non-contestant, non-host characters, she appeared the most.
  • For some reason, Evil Leafy did stop appearing since BFB started, it is unknown when she will reappear as an antagonist, but she is seen as a recommended character in Episode 6.


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