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The Evil League of Mutants is the primary antagonist in the titular Season 1 episode of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is a faction consisting of every mutant the ninja turtles have encountered prior to their foundation which is bent on destroying the turtles and taking over the city.



Baron Draxum

Main article: Baron Draxum


Baron Draxum does not surrender.

The official founder and leader of the team. Baron Draxum is a ruthless youkai who intends to mutate the entire human population in order to "eliminate the human threat forever".

Before the events of the series, he mutated a man named Lou Jitsu and used his DNA to create the four ninja turtles. However, Lou Jitsu burned his laboratory to the ground in retaliation and Draxum wrongly believed Jitsu and the turtles dead. He considers the turtles the perfect mutation and attempts to recruit them so he can train them, but is perfectly willing to kill them if they refuse.

In The Evil League of Mutants, he has Muninn and Huginn find and teleport the strongest known mutants to him, and assembles his team, persuading them to help since they share the turtles as a common enemy.

Huginn and Muninn

Draxum's two henchmen and usually the comic reliefs of the show. They are usually perched on Draxum's shoulders and annoy him with their comments. In The Evil League of Mutants, Draxum orders them to bring him the strongest mutants and they bring Meat Sweats, Hypno-Potamus, Repo Mantis, the Sando Brothers, and Warren Stone.

Curiously, they also bring Todd Capybara as well, and even describe him as "as bad as they come", though all Todd does is offer them lemonade, leaving the reasons behind Todd's recruitment unknown.

Meat Sweats


Unleash the flavor!
Main article: Meat Sweats

Former celebrity chef and former host of Condescending Kitchen, Rupert Swaggart was mutated into a pig on live television and became Meat Sweats. Now, he captures other mutants and cooks them in such a way that allows him to temporarily absorb their power.

Warren Stone

Main article: Warren Stone

Warren stone.jpg

A former news anchor, Warren Stone was mutated and turned into a lowly worm. As a worm, he has the ability to regenerate limbs, though the process is painful and inefficient. Unfortunately for him, his limbs get accidentally severed in most of his encounters with the turtles. In one of his previous encounters with the ninja turtles and the Foot Clan, he came into possession of a powerful mystic gauntlet. This gauntlet grants him immense strength.

For some reason, he considers himself to be the turtles' greatest nemesis despite them almost never noticing him or paying him any heed.



Who do I have to cut in half and then not bring back together?
Main article: Hypno-Potamus

Once a magician, Mezmer-Ron was mutated into a hippopotamus and became Hypno-Potamus. As a hypnotist and magician, Hypno can use hypnosis to put his enemies to sleep and use magic to levitate objects. His weapons of choice are several razor sharp metal hoops.

Sando Brothers


Former acrobats in a circus, the Sando Brothers were apparently mutated while juggling crabs, and thus, were transformed into crabs. Even after their mutation, they retain their acrobatic skills and are quite capable of outmaneuvering the turtles. They can also launch their claws as projectiles and quickly regenerate them.

In the episode, The Evil League of Mutants, they were fighting the turtles and had the upper hand when they were teleported along with the rest of the league members.

Repo Mantis

I'm about to repo your lives.
Main article: Repo Mantis



Todd Capybara

I told you to get me the baddest, meanest, most skull crushing mutants, and you bring me... that guy?!
~ Baron Draxum on Todd's recruitment.

Todd Capybara is the owner of a puppy refuge. Although technically in the team, he is the only one who is not evil and his cheerful, hospitable, genial traits make him odd man out / fish out of the water. In the episode Repo Mantis, Repo Mantis sends the Michelangelo and Donatello to repossess Todd's RV. However, they hesitate since it is the only home for Todd's puppies and ultimately make a massive refuge in order to not leave the puppies homeless.

Todd reappears in the episode The Evil League of Mutants as someone who gives the members lemonade, which they all enjoy, even Baron Draxum much to his annoyance. Why Huginn and Muninn hired him and also why would good-natured Todd want to join the league are unknown.


Evil League of Mutants


In future episodes, Meat Sweats has been seen working on his own, and Baron Draxum now works with the Foot Clan; therefore, it can be assumed the league was disbanded.


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