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The Evil Mani Mani statue is a major antagonist in the video game EarthBound.


It is a golden statue that brings out the evil in all human beings, and it was also used to bring Giygas' influence across the world. It was first discovered by Lier X. Agerate in Onett, then later used by Carpainter and the Happy Happyists before it was stolen by Everdred. Monotoli had also used the statue and hid it away in Jackie's Cafe, where Ness and Jeff would soon come across the statue in the cafe, and confront the statue in Moonside, an illusion of Fourside. There, the statue would finally be destroyed.


  • The Evil Mani Mani is based on the Oscar/Academy Award, but with a pair of horns. This means that this boss shows how power and fame can corrupt people.
  • The background used in the battle against the Evil Mani Mani is later used as the background for Ness's Nightmare and the Masked Man, the final boss of Mother 3.
  • The penultimate boss of EarthBound, Ness's Nightmare, is very similar to the Evil Mani Mani fight, only harder. You fight the boss alone and it has all of your attacks. The boss is near identical in appearance to the Mani Mani statue.


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