When the penguins decide to go to the park to buy ice cream, they invite Marlene but she tells them that she died in the caution and had never put a cake outside. The penguins encourage Marlene with the promise that nothing bad will happen, so everyone, including King Julien, goes out to the park. However, when Marlene sells open spaces for the first time in her life, little by little her wild instincts take control of her. Marlene attacks the penguins and kidnaps Julien.

First, Julien believes that Marlene is going to charge a ransom and then she thinks she wants to eat it. However, Marlene starts hugging and kissing Julien, getting a little uncomfortable. Skipper and his companions look for Julien and find Marlene snuggling up with Julien. However, before the penguins can do something to catch Marlene, she grabs Julien and takes him to the top of the Cleopatra Needle. The penguins take four remote control planes in order to both rescue Julien and trap Marlene out of the obelisk, but Marlene manages to get Kowalski, Cabo and Rico, leaving only Skipper in action. Skipper manages to get Marlene and Julien down from the monument and the other penguins lock Marlene in a cage.

While returning to the zoo, Skipper and Kowalski discuss how long it will take Marlene to return to her former self, but once inside the zoo, she immediately returns to normal. Kowalski wonders if he remembers what happened and she says no. Rico and Cabo play with Marlene's transformation by pushing her cage in and out of the zoo, which demonstrates her personality change is instantaneous. Julien then approaches Marlene to talk about her crush, but she rejects him and does not remember being in love with him, so Julien says she is just pretending and runs away crying. Skipper understands what he means, and he and the rest of the penguins walk, leave Marlene alone and wondering why she is in a cage and if they still plan to go for ice cream.


When Marlene had King Juelien in the tower, King Julien mentioned his throne. It is the only episode in which the park next to the Zoo appears. It is the second time that Cabo talks about badgers. Marlene was born in captivity


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