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And so he says to me, 'you wanna be a bad guy?' and I say, 'Yeah baby! I wanna be bad!' I say 'SURF'S UP, SPACE PONIES! I'm making gravy without the lumps! ' AHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA!
~ Midnight Bomber to himself

The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight, or simply the Evil Midnight Bomber, is a villain who appeared in the 1994 animated incarnation of The Tick. He appears to suffer from untreated disorganized schizophrenia with symptoms of Tourette's. He claims to have been an electrician, which may explain his proficiency at bomb making. He is a seeker of fame and notoriety, and appears to have modeled his outfit to resemble a cockroach.

Major crimes

The Evil Midnight Bomber is featured as one of two major villains in the seventh episode of The Tick, titled The Tick vs. The Tick. He shares the spotlight with the titular Tick of the episode, Barry, a narcisisstic bully who steals the identities of legitimate crimefighters. The Evil Midnight Bomber inadvertenly uses Barry's overblown temper tantrum and subsequent battle with the Tick to put his master plan into play with minimal interference. He has decided to destroy the Comet Club, a super hero hosting night club, using his patented bombs which resemble air fresheners. He constantly talks to himself, discussing conversations with an unknown third party which may in fact be him.

While rigging the Comet Club to explode, he is spotted by Arthur, whom he evades by using a smoke bomb. Arthur tries to turn him in to the club's security officer, but the Doorman is more concerned with ejecting Arthur from the club, because he is a sidekick, and therefore does not belong. The Evil Midnight Bomber nearly succeeds with his nefarious plot, thanks chiefly to the incompotence of the club's security and the unrelated distraction provided by the Tick's battle with Barry. At the last possible moment, the Evil Midnight Bomber announces his victory, and the Tick removes all bombs from the club, accidently allowing them to detonate on the sidekick's lounge instead. The Evil Midnight Bomber is apprehended by the Tick and turned over to the authorities. He proclaims that they won't be able to convict him, because they lack evidence, but then he has one of his uncontrolled outbursts where he proudly anounces himself to be evil, and is dragged away in shame.

Secondary appearences

After he is dealt with in the episode mentioned above, The Evil Midnight Bomber makes two cameo appearences in the series. Once being thrown out of a super villain awards show that he was not invited to, and again being arrested by the Tick in an episode where he is participating in a reality television show about training super heroes in an academy.


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