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Mortys have no chance of defeating a Rick.
~ Evil Morty to Morty C-137.
This seems like a good time for a drink and a cold, calculated speech with sinister overtones... A speech about politics, about order... brotherhood... power. But speeches are for campaigning. Now... is the time for action.
~ Evil Morty's famous speech after becoming President of the Citadel of Ricks.

This version of Mortimer "Morty" Smith, named "Evil Morty" by fans and also known as Candidate Morty and President Morty is the one of the main antagonists of the adult animated TV series Rick and Morty, appearing as the main antagonist of the episodes "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind" and "The Ricklantis Mix-Up"/"Tales from the Citadel".

He was the creator of Evil Rick Sanchez and the one truly responsible for the deaths of Ricks and abductions of Mortys from different universes; he managed to escape capture and be elected first President of the Citadel of Ricks following the destruction of the public Council of Ricks

He was voiced by Justin Roiland who also voiced every other version of both Rick Sanchez C-137 and Morty Smith C-137.


Evil Morty has the same appearance as most other Mortys with a yellow shirt, dark blue pants, black shoes and short brown hair but sporting an eyepatch and with black socks. He removed it after Evil Rick was killed and later wore a regular dark gray colored suit and belt with a red tie; when removing his eyepatch this exposed wiring poking out from under his eye which he promptly pushed back in.


Evil Morty made his "grandfather" Evil Rick to cover him in case he and his plans were discovered. 

For reasons unknown Evil Morty was intent on killing Ricks and torturing their grandsons Mortys. Using Evil Rick, he successfully killed 27 Ricks and kidnapped their Mortys. Rick C-137 was blamed and hunted down by the Council. 

After Evil Rick's death the Council of Ricks returned the Rick-less Mortys to their families to live out the rest of their lives including Evil Morty. By the time all the Mortys were boarding ships to depart to their lives, the Council of Ricks had discovered that Evil Rick was a remotely controlled robot that acted under the orders of someone else. The last time we see Evil Morty, he removes his eyepatch - which held the transmitter for Evil Rick - and destroys it revealing him to be the controller of Evil Rick. Evil Morty then turned to board the departing ships now looking identical to the rest of the Mortys.

In "The Ricklantis Mix-Up" Evil Morty secretly developed an alter-ego to become presidential candidate for the newly-democratic Citadel of Ricks. A Campaign Manager Morty was in charge of the Morty Party though he does not take his own candidate seriously at first. But despite mockery from Ricks and even other Mortys his candidate made a rousing speech about the class divide between the various Ricks and Mortys on the Citadel during a debate which earned him praise and support. Afterwards Evil Morty promptly fired his Campaign Manager for a lack of faith.

An Investigator Rick gave Evil Morty's former Campaign Manager him a file revealing the candidate's true nature. Horrified at the truth, Campaign Manager Morty tries to assassinate Evil Morty to stop him from getting into office and is promptly arrested. Unfortunately for him, Evil Morty survived the assassination attempt and won the election. After the Shadow Council of Ricks revealed themselves as the true power behind the Citadel and informed Evil Morty he would answer to them the newly-elected president had all of them executed save for two who did not share the same sentiment and had become terrified. Campaign Manager Morty was killed by the Rick Secret Service agents and ejected into space. His body is one of the many bodies floating out of the Citadel's airlocks in the aftermath of the new dictatorship's purge. Also among the dead was Investigator Rick who was possibly killed for uncovering Evil Morty's secret.



  • In "The Ricklantis Mix-Up" Evil Morty's plot to take over the Citadel was reminiscent of Frank Underwood from House of Cards.
  • It was theorized Evil Morty was the same Morty from the opening credits where he and his Rick were running from giant frog monsters and Morty was left behind to be eaten alive given that both of them wore black shoes while the main Morty wore white ones.
    • This also tied into theories that the main Rick on the show had already gone through multiple versions of his grandson Morty each of them presumably having died and Evil Morty was the only previous Morty of Rick C-137 to have survived albeit left forever scarred both physically and mentally to the point of seeking revenge on all the Central Finite Curve's Ricks as he believed they treated their Mortys as nothing more than sidekicks and disposable tools.



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