Mortys have no chance of defeating a Rick
~ Evil Morty to Morty C-137

Evil Morty is the secondary antagonist in the episode Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind in season one of the cartoon series Rick and Morty. He was responsible for the deaths of several Ricks for different universes.

Plans and Creations

Evil Morty made Evil Rick in order to cover from his plans so when he was captured/caught, as Mortys are seen as a 'cloaking device' for Ricks, the blame would be laid of Evil Rick and Evil Morty would be ignored. For an unknown reason, Evil Morty was intent on killing alternative Ricks in paralell universes and enslave and torture alternative Mortys. Using Evil Rick, Evil Morty successfully killed twenty-seven Ricks. C-137 Rick was blamed for the deaths and was hunted by the Council of Ricks. 

Evil Morty seemed to take control of an army of purple crab-like aliens as henchmen, and created an entire universe in which to hide from the Council of Ricks in. Evil Morty also created numerous tortuerous devices in which to keep alternative Mortys, and many other devices - including a holographic database which Evil Rick used. 

Evil Rick

After the death of Evil Rick, the Council of Ricks returned the Rick-less Mortys to their families to live out the rest of their lives, including Evil Morty. By the time all the Mortys were boarding ships to depart to their lives, the Council of Ricks had discovered that Evil Rick was a remotely controlled robot that acted under the orders of someone else. The last time we see Evil Morty, he removes his eyepatch - which holds the transmitter for Evil Rick - and destroys it. Evil Morty then turns to board the departing ships, looking identical to the rest of the Mortys

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