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The Evil Mutants are the main antagonist faction of the 1990 western-animated cartoon series The New Adventures of He-Man. They are a group of nefarious mutants hailing from the planet Denebria who seek to conquer Primus and enslave its inhabitants.


In the distant future, the Evil Mutants of Denebria invaded the planet Primus. As a pacifist world with little in way of defending themselves beyond the protective shield around their planet, the people of Primus went to the past to enlist He-Man to help defend their planet. However, Skeletor caught wind of them and, posing as a good guy, convinced them to bring him along with them. After both he and He-Man traveled to the future though, Skeletor dropped his "good guy act" and joined up with the Evil Mutants, manipulating their leader Flogg into doing his bidding. In the finale, after attempting a final invasion of Primus, the Evil Mutants are defeated a final time and agree to surrender.



  • Curiously, "Nordor", the name of the skull-shaped moon of Denebria where the Mutants reside, is also one of the possible names of Horde Prime.


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