Blub blub.
~ Evil Natural Water

The Evil Natural Water is a major antagonist from the One Punch Man series. It is a giant creature made of pure water that serves as a high-ranking member of the Monster Association.


The Evil Natural Water appears to be made up of a giant mass of water. Its noticeable feature are its two large pair of eyeballs. It is also capable of shapeshifting its size and mass, using the surrounding water around it.


The Evil Natural Water appears to have no unique personality of its own and instead behaves more like a wild predator, reacting based on its instincts. According to Black Sperm, however, it also responds to the emotions of people around it.


Monster Association Arc

The Evil Natural Water was first shown as one of the strongest members of the Monster Association. It is seen placed in a tank, watching the fishes swim inside it.

Later on, as the heroes attack the Monster Association, the Evil Natural Water emerges from the chaos and begins attacking the heroes. It eventually confronts Saitama, who proceeds to punch it, sending it flying away into droplets of water. It eventually reforms into a smaller form then proceeds the heroes once more, starting with Air by nearly fatally wounding him.

Pig God attempts to eat the monster, but it managed to escape by firing its jet streams, stabbing through Pig God. Despite being heavily wounded, Pig God was eventually able to consume the monster and kill it for good, using his stomach acid.

Powers and Abilities

The Evil Natural Water is estimated to be a Dragon Level Threat, making it an extremely dangerous monster that is capable of destroying multiple cities. Its threat level is what makes it a high ranking member, as the Monster Association looks at its members based on their threat levels.

The Evil Natural Water in general has special powers and abilities that makes it a deadly force to be reckoned with.

  • Homogenous Body: The Evil Natural Water is made up of nothing but water, thus making it extremely difficult to kill, as it has no vital weak points to hit. As a result, it can take heavy hits. This is shown when Saitama used multiple punches on it, which caused it to scatter all over the place, but eventually reformed itself together.
  • High-Speed Jet Streams: The Evil Natural Water is capable of launching jet streams that are faster than a speeding bullet, thus having a stronger piercing power than one.
  • Absorption: Evil Natural Water is capable of absorbing any liquid substance nearby it comes in contact with, causing it to increase its mass. It can also absorb liquids from living organisms and utilize them for different tasks. For example, it absorbs the oil from the Sludge Jellyfish as a means to create a barrier that prevents it from freezing when battling with Child Emperor.


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