The Evil One is a genocidal skeleton-like being of unknown alien origin ant the main antagonist in the 1987 fantasy action role playing platform-adventure video game Faxanadu.


For years, elves and dwarfs coexisted. Their peace was interrupted by a being known as the Evil One. It emerged from a fallen meteorite. It transformed the dwarfs into monsters and set them against the elves. This created a war which left the elf town of Eolis in ruins.

Months later, an unidentified wanderer approaches Eolis after a long journey. He finds it destroyed and nearly abandoned. The wanderer sees the elf king who explains the attack. The wander is given 1500 gold and he is sent on a quest to find the cause. The wanderer travels throughout the land.

During his quest, he learns that the Evil One attempted to become more powerful by stealing the dwarf king's magical sword. He was thwarted when the dwarf king swallowed his own sword. Frustrated, the Evil One transformed the dwarf king into a monster.

Eventually, the wanderer finds the dwarf king in his own palace. They engage in a battle. The dwarf king is killed and reveals his magical sword. The wanderer takes the sword and searches for the Evil One's lair. When he finds it, he fights his way through obstacles until he finds the Evil One in a throne room. He manages to defeat the Evil One by using the magical sword. He then returns to Eolis and informs the elf king. The elves are able to rebuild their society and coexistence with the dwarfs. The wanderer embarks on another journey.

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