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It is no use trying to resist, mortals!
~ The Evil One's famous quote.

The Evil One, also known as the Dark One, is a powerful demonic spirit and a villain in Sonic the Comic.

Native to the Nameless Zone of the planet Mobius, the Evil One was responsible for the creation of Trogg and was, in essence, Sonic the Hedgehog's equivalent of the Devil from the Biblical traditions of Abrahamic faiths.


The Evil One is a fearsome evil spirit that appears in his natural form as a demonic, anthropomorphic green fox with 2 gray horns and he has 2 huge red eyes, ever watching with malice.

In his alternate form as the Dark One, he is a ghostly, Satanic-looking, anthropomorphic, green goat-like demon with claws and sharp teeth, and his lower limbs are completely composed of green smoke-like mist. And he has 2 piercing pitch black eyes filled with pure darkness.


Long ago, the malevolent entity known as the Evil One who was the embodiment of pure malice and was responsible for transforming the Enchanter King Shirob of the Nameless Zone into a monster called Trogg before he disappeared.

Many years after it had first created Trogg, the Evil One was summoned back into existence by Trogg, via the magic of the Dark Orb.

Trogg sought to transform the other Enchanter Kings just as the Evil One had done to him.

The Evil One displayed incredible power (as would be expected from an embodiment of evil) - capable of taking on and even effortlessly incapacitating Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and the warrior Errol Blackthorn's brave sister Morain.

In the end, Tails saved the Enchanter Kings from their monstrous transformation by the Evil One's power via throwing the Dark Orb away into the "non-existent space" beneath the Dimension Bridge, and without this artifact that invoke him back from his own shadowy realm as well as fuel his own vast dark powers, the Evil One dispersed into nothingness and became destroyed.



  • "Dark One" and "Evil One" are merely titles. Trogg also once referred to the being as "the One Whose Name is Never Spoken".
  • In the original proposal for the "Revenge of Trogg" story, dated 4/4/95, writer Nigel Kitching commented that the Dark One was the Nameless Zone's equivalent of The Devil.
  • The Evil One's name is actually one of the many known aliases of The Devil.


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