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Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
~ Berzerk's alert.

Evil Otto is a recurring enemy in the video game Beserk who has been featured as a supernatural force in several urban legends surrounding deaths of people who played the aforementioned place.


Whenever the player wastes too much time in a stage, this evil smiling face will appear and start chasing the player, moving in a bouncing motion. It is able to phase through walls and cannot be killed by any means, so whenever it appears the player must run away as fast as they can. If he touched the player, they will instantly die. In the sequel Frenzy, Evil Otto can be killed. However, he will just respawn immediately away from the player, and in this game two Evil Ottos appear, meaning more trouble.

There have been many urban legends which claim the curse of Otto has been responsible for real-life deaths related to the game Berzerk, though the claims have been throughly debunked. One of them was simply caused by a heart condition, another claiming someone died after posting a score of 16, 660 was just a fake story, and the third, a murder, was definitely no deed of Evil Otto or any supernatural powers, just extreme hatred.


Evil Otto doesn’t have much in terms of abilities. In Berzerk, he is able to instantly kill the player in one touch, he can phase through the walls and he cannot be killed by any means. In the sequel known as Frenzy, two of him are able to spawn and start at the left end of the level. Otto retains all his previous abilities except that the player is able to kill him. However, he will just immediately respawn back at the left end of the level, meaning he can ultimately only be delayed.

The urban legends suggest he also has the ability to seemingly curse people with death, usually heart attacks and according to the fake story of Jeff Dailey, he may have some sort of demonic abilities over people’s lives due to Jeff’s score of 16, 660 containing the number of the Beast. Again, these claims are all fake and are only powers he shows in urban legends.


Evil Otto has a very undefined personality. In the Berzerk and Frenzy Games, Otto has no personality at all, only chasing the player and doing nothing else that can display a real personality. In Creepypastas, his personality is very undefined as well, but the interpretations presented paint him as a typical malevolent supernatural force that curses people with death, and nothing more.


  • Two deaths of players related to Berzerk which occurred right after they posted their high score (one posting a ridiculously high score, the other posting his high score then beating it within 15 minutes) are often attributed to Evil Otto, though again, these deaths have already been explained as one is just fake and the other was caused by a heart condition.
    • A third death was a young man who was stabbed by his friend after they had an argument over who gets to play the game, but obviously Evil Otto or any other supernatural force had no part to play in this.
  • Otto got his name from one of the developer's bosses, Dave Otto, who chewed people out on the job with a wicked grin on his face.


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