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Villain Overview

I'm done with this whole Xiaolin thing. From now on, you can find me on the Heylin side. Golden Tiger Claws!
~ Evil Raimundo after betraying his friends while he is next to Wuya.
Dude, my evil ways are gonna kick your butt, rule the world and drop me straight into the lap of luxury.
~ Evil Raimundo, when he tells his former friends that he is superior to them
As a matter of fact I do, I thought I let you mighty Xiaolin apprentices beg for mercy.
~ Evil Raimundo, when he wants his former friends to plead for their forgiveness.

Evil Raimundo, also known as Rai for short, is a major antagonist in Xiaolin Showdown. He is a Xiaolin Warrior Dragon of wind and is the evil version of Raimundo who turned to the dark side after not receiving his Warrior belt and helped restore Wuya to her human form and rule the world.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Season 1: Mala Mala Jong

When Master Fung did not allow Raimundo to advance to Xiaolin Apprentice because he disobeyed him about fighting Mala Mala Jong, he became angry and stormed out of the temple after he says "I'm sick of this place. I never should've left Brazil."

In the Flesh

Wuya following Evil Raimundo.

After Omi motivated Raimundo to leave the temple, he grabs the Golden Tiger Claws. Kimiko says "Raimundo, no!" when she tries to prevent him from leaving the Xiaolin Temple. Kimiko, Omi and Clay are shocked when Raimundo heads back to Rio de Janeiro. This causes Wuya to become interested in him and followed him to Brazil because Jack Spicer refused to work with her after she abandoned him for Mala Mala Jong. She overheard Raimundo's laments about the humiliation and attempts to persuade him twice to join her, saying that she can give him anything he wants and desires which she creates an illusion of the lifestyle to show him what it could be like. The only price was that he helped her return to her human form.

Raimundo quietly says no to the partnership, however, a new Shen Gong Wu is revealed; The Reversing Mirror. Wuya tells Raimundo "we could begin our partnership right now" then she asks him "what do you say" but Raimundo says "I gotta go" as he and Wuya leave the opposite direction. Raimundo returns to the Xiaolin Temple asking what is the new Shen Gong Wu.

In the Flesh Showdown.png

Wuya finds the Wu at the lighthouse that night because it is one of the Shen Gong Wu that she needs to restore her to her human form but Jack Spicer mocks her, causing Wuya to say that the Wu was for her because she found the mirror first. Omi, Kimiko, Clay, Dojo and Wuya watch as Raimundo challenged Jack to a Xiaolin Showdown. He manages to win, then Kimiko, Clay and Dojo are congrating their friend while Omi says "Raimundo, your performance in the showdown was most impressive. You are not even a Xiaolin apprentice." and Raimundo agrees. Then Raimundo turns to the other direction when he asks Wuya "Where do you want them?" which refers to the Lotus Twister and Reversing Mirror that he won the showdown against Jack Spicer. Wuya is proud of Raimundo for winning on her behalf as he decided to take on her offer of joining the Heylin side as her new partner which surprised Omi, Kimiko, Clay, Dojo and Jack Spicer. Confused, Kimiko asks what is he doing, which allowed Raimundo to rant that he is finished with becoming a Xiaolin monk because from now on they can find him on the Heylin side which he told the monks and Dojo. However, Raimundo uses the Golden Tiger Claws to create a hole in space as Wuya floats a few feet away from where the hole is going to be. Then Raimundo leaves alongside Wuya and the three Shen Gong Wu. Omi, Kimiko, Clay and Dojo are feeling down because of Raimundo's betrayal, but Jack taunts the three monks and Dojo "Bet you guys didn't see that coming!" then he leaves them alone as he laughs. Raimundo and Wuya returned to Brazil then Wuya says "Yes, yes, this is the perfect spot to plan our conquest of the world."

Raimundo betraying his friends.

Raimundo asks Wuya for his new lifestyle when he joined her then he asks if any of that ringing a bell but she replies "patience, dear Raimundo. All of that will soon be yours" as she tells him that the Reversing Mirror is the key to our victory. Although he is annoyed because he refused to return to the Xiaolin temple at first and he tells her to find herself another chump when he starts to leave, but he stays when Wuya manages to lure him back with the promise of his own soccer team and a drink out of the World Cup then he asks Wuya "Okay, so what do I do" before he goes to the temple one last time to steal the Serpent's Tail. Raimundo, now with his hood over his head, walks out holding the Serpent's Tail as Omi, Kimiko and Clay reach the Shen Gong Wu vault, Raimundo stops walking as he smiles evilly when he sees his former friends arrive at the vault as he takes another step to the doorway. Omi says "Raimundo, you have returned" and asks "what are you doing with the Serpent's Tail, my clever friend" then Raimundo says "uh, stealing it." and Omi says "oh, so it would appear" "see, secret elaborate plan". Kimiko pulls Omi to her and Clay then she tells him by pointing to Raimundo "there's no plan, he's stealing our Shen Gong Wu" and Clay says "not on my watch" as Kimiko and Clay are using their elements to block Raimundo from leaving. Then Raimundo tells two of his former friends "so, that's the way, it's gonna be, huh". Kimiko says "You tell us, Raimundo" then Clay tells Raimundo "You can always drop the Shen Gong and leave". Raimundo says "Nah, I'm up for a Xiaolin Slapdown" as he uses his element as he jumps to the ceiling then Kimiko and Clay jump up the ceiling. During the fight, Raimundo grabs Clay's hat and tosses it to the ground but Clay picks his cowboy hat off the ground then Clay continues fighting alongside Kimiko against Raimundo. Omi says "I am severly confused. This plan is more elaborate than necessary." while he sees Raimundo fighing against Kimiko and Clay. Raimundo is surrounded by Kimiko and Clay then Kimiko holds Raimundo's leg while Clay grabs Raimundo's arm but Raimundo manages to beat Kimiko and Clay by tossing the Serpent's Tail to smash the window at the top of the chamber, giving him access to his wind element then Kimiko and Clay fall into the pot after they let go of him. Omi soon realizes that Raimundo is NOT just pretending to be their enemy, but by then it's too late. Kimiko tells Omi to stop Raimundo when she and Clay are trapped inside the pot. Raimundo lands on his feet then he grabs the Serpent's Tail. Omi angrily says while pointing his finger "Raimundo, I am starting to think that you are not enacting some sort of secret elaborate plan". However, Raimundo tells his former friend that "Nothing gets past you, Omi". Then, Omi tells Raimundo "Not even you" when he is about activate his water element to fight him. Raimundo tells Omi "Wrong" then he activates the Serpent's Tail to fly right through him to escape. Omi runs outside to see Raimundo laughs evilly while flying away from the temple. Kimiko and Clay walk to the entrance of the temple with the pot on their heads but they smashed it to free themselves. Kimiko asks Omi "did he escape" then Omi sadly says that "Raimundo has betrayed us". Then Clay puts his hands on Omi and Kimiko as they are sadly seeing the sunset because they realize that Raimundo is now their enemy.

Evil Raimundo had his hood up.

Due to only one Shen Gong Wu being stolen by Raimundo, the three other monks ask Master Fung and Dojo the significance. He and Dojo reveal that the Reversing Mirror simply making Wu use an ability opposite to their original intention. The Serpent's Tail turns someone ghostly but using the Reversing Mirror and a ghostly figure will become human. Raimundo goes back to Wuya as he shows her the Serpent's Tail that he stole from the Xiaolin temple's Shen Gong Wu vault which made her proud of him because soon she will become flesh again.

Raimundo asked Wuya if she was ready but she replies that she had waited for one thousand and five hundred years for this day and he was jerking her chain about her eagerness to become human again as Omi, Kimiko, Clay and Dojo arrive to stop Raimundo and Wuya. Raimundo turns around when he hears Clay saying "that's funny, a jerk jerking a chain which Omi finds amusing but Raimundo tries to taunt about Omi's inability to see sarcasm. Omi kicks the Serpent's Tail from Raimundo's hands and Dojo grabs it. Raimundo tells Dojo to give the Serpent's Tail back. Dojo tosses it to Clay as Raimundo tries to grab it. Clay tosses the Serpent's Tail to Kimiko then she toss it to Omi, who toss it back to Clay. Wuya manipulates Raimundo's mind again when she tells him that his "friends" are making a buffoon out of him. Raimundo complies when he says "not anymore" while activating the Golden Tiger Claws by jumping into the hole then Omi asks "where is Raimundo" as Kimiko says "wherever he wants to be". Raimundo reappears behind Clay to kick the latter to the ground to prevent him from holding the Serpent's Tail. Dojo sees that the Serpent's Tail is flung like an "airball" then Omi jumps up. Raimundo uses his wind element to fly towards the Serpent's Tail as Kimiko and Clay notice him from above their heads when Raimundo is heading towards the Shen Gong Wu before Omi can grab it. Raimundo manages to grab the Serpent's Tail then Wuya tells him "go boy, use it hurry!" so Raimundo activates it but Dojo is unable to stop him due to Raimundo flies via Dojo. Then Raimundo flies to the mirror that Wuya is at. When Raimundo heads towards Wuya, she activates the Reversing Mirror then the world went dark as the river dried up and the leaves disappear from trees and bushes while Kimiko says "this is bad" "very, very bad".

Wuya laughed maniacally as Omi asked, "Wuya?", but her response is "In the flesh" before she laughed again when she removes her mask while Omi, Kimiko and Clay are shocked to see Wuya restored back to her human form.

Season 2: Days Past

Rai talking to his falling friends.

As Rai helps Wuya restore her human form, the Reversing Mirror has been completely shattered. Dojo mentions that she broke the Reversing Mirror that is seven years of bad luck she corrects him by saying since it was the Reversing Mirror, it's seven years of good luck. However, Omi, Kimiko and Clay try all their attacks on Wuya to take her down while Raimundo watches but she became unaffected as she summons her rock monsters to attack the monks they retrieve but were completely attacked as the rock monsters were about to attack them. Raimundo tells his boys to back up as he has a conversation with Omi, Kimiko and Clay. Clay tells him that he lost his mind as Omi asks Rai if he has ended his evil ways. Raimundo tells his former friends that his evil ways are going to kick butt, rule the world and drop him straight into the lap of luxury. Kimiko asks him "what are you doing", as he insults the three of them when he is taunting I thought I let you mighty Xiaolin apprentices beg for mercy. Omi, Kimiko and Clay are insulted by their former friend. Clay tells Rai to think again as Omi and Kimiko agree with him as a third time that begging would not help. He laughs evilly when he tells his former friends that he is the only one who could save them. Jack corrects him by saying "Wrong!", and saves the monks and Dojo as Rai heads back to the palace to tell Wuya that he saw Jack Spicer. She tells him that Jack Spicer is a gnat that they will deal with him then Raimundo asks her "and that would be" and Wuya tells Raimundo "after we conquer the world". Then Rai becomes paranoid that this wasn't what he is expecting as he thought it would be as Wuya agrees that if he helped her restore her human form which he did, she tells him that he was going to get everything that he wanted as she kept her promises and gave him everything that he desires which made Raimundo smile then he jumps up before running to his game room.

Tumblr inline ml8ow6qHzr1rzj59h.jpg

As Rai becomes sad with everything that he wanted, he has no one to play with him. Wuya talks to her minions if one of her minions does not do a good job that she will punish them. She goes and checks up on him and asks Rai why he so sad. She mentioned that she gave him everything that he desires, she brings a car out of the middle of nowhere. However he was still sad but became impressed with the car popping up, he tells her that was not the point, how can he had all the stuff if he does not have anyone to play with, she uses her powers and helps him as a big sister way or a motherly way, and all he had to do is ask her. He asked her if she could play with him but she tells him that as an evil villain she's too busy conquering the world so she summoned rock monsters for him on his own with a little bit of her magic she tells him all of his problems are solved, as she zooms herself in the car and drives off he asked one of the monsters if they play games.

Citadel of Doom

Raimundo, happy to see Wuya

As he enjoys his villain life, he begins to play with his new monster friends but one of them eats the air hockey puck and possibly destroyed the basketball hoop. Wuya checks on her favorite apprentice, as he asked her to give him a new air hockey puck but she tells him later because she has a special surprise for him as she imprisoned Jack, Kimiko, Clay and Dojo. Raimundo tells her that they are missing one little Monk which is Omi, she covers her mouth completely and surprised and threatened the others where was he and where was his location at. Dojo, Kimiko and Clay will not tell Wuya since she is very evil. However, she tried to use her magic to make them talk until Jack Spicer mentions that he went back into the past fifteen hundred years ago to meet Grand Master Dashi and double crosses the imprisoned Kimiko, Clay and Dojo as he begs her to let him out of his prison cell she tells him that she's not letting him out even if he begs.

Rai became upset that Omi is in the past as Kimiko says "we'll never see him again, thanks to you" and Dojo tells him "I hope you feel guilty about it" then Clay tells him "yeah, nice going, you two-faced fink". Raimundo did not want his friends to be hurt thus she suggested that he should join them to the dungeon with them. However, with a change of heart if they can be free from their prison cells that they can join her side alongside him, she mentions that was not a bad idea only to pledge their loyalty to her. He begs his friends to join their side. Jack Spicer agrees with it and asked her to let him out but she tells him that the offer is not for him, thus he tells her that either she holds a grudge or it could be an insult. He tells her that she's already on the winning team. Kimiko, Clay and Dojo reject the offer then Kimiko, Clay, Dojo, Omi and Jack are sent to the dungeon as Raimundo was bored stacking the playing cards all by himself until Dojo burns them. Kimiko asks him what's the matter that he looks pretty bored for a guy who rules the world, he asks them if they decide to join but not realizing that they escaped with the help of Omi. Kimiko says be cool and let them go then Dojo says or be a loser and go after us. Rai tells his former friends better run because he is coming after them. Kimiko tells him “Have it your way.” then Rai and the rock monster guards are going after his former friends, however he asked them why was they’re not fighting The Rock monsters as he put the pieces all together that they escaped from their dungeon prison cells and reports it to Wuya but Kimiko, Clay, Dojo and Jack were recaptured again alongside Omi.

Tumblr nuenid9VDw1uf0eaoo1 400.gif

Raimundo was about to explain to Wuya about the prisoners escaping but however she explained that they are not in their way anymore as she tells the monsters to crush them after Wuya becomes very shocked that Omi got a puzzle box from Grand Master Dashi then she gave the puzzle box to Raimundo. She explains that he was a fool, a smart dresser but a fool. Raimundo asks Wuya not to hurt them in front of him. She tells him that was not a bad idea and asks the monsters to take them to the dungeon and then crush them. Clay and Kimiko beg Raimundo not to do this as Omi begs as well that he does not belong on the Heylin side because Master Fung chose him for a reason. Wuya tells everyone that he does because she gives him everything what he wants as he turns to her as he mentions everything she mentions toys, money, and Canada. He can name anything and it was his as he realizes what he really wanted were his friends as he opened up the puzzle box. She becomes shocked, demanding and asking him what has he done as she realizes that she sees a ghostly image of Grand Master Dashi as her ghostly form voice says Dashi is shocked to see her in her human form again and tells her "Whoa whoa Wuya the years has not been so kind.", as he went through her as her human form becomes destroyed and turns her back into her ghostly form and traps her into the puzzle box as Dashi thanks Raimundo for making the right choice.

Season 3: The Return of Master Monk Guan

As Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko, Clay and Dojo went to Master Monk Guan’s Temple, they become impressed with the new place since they last saw him at Chase Young's Palace. However, they decided they want to check it out and possibly stay for a little bit. The next morning he woke up, the four monks were out of their beds and were forced to do a 500 Mile jog before training however Omi, Kimiko and Clay don't know why his attitude has changed completely but Raimundo became very annoyed with it and decided to slack off he decided to take a break but Omi warns Raimundo that no one should not rest until their training is complete he ignores his warning and suggested what could possibly go wrong it's not like Master Monk Guan wasn't even there anyway but however he was there listening to the whole conversation however he suggested that they should give him a name since he is so lazy Bobo everyone wanted to laugh but instead they had their mouth shut he asked him what was he looking that he can also leave the temple he cries and tells him that he has nowhere else to go however Omi laugh at the name Bobo as Hannibal Roy Bean says that he never saw this side of Master Monk Guan but he says it reminds him of himself and laughing however the other monks ask him not to punish Rai but instead, the others got punished instead he tells Guan why should they get punished for him and decided to quit again.

Heylin Raimundo returns.

However, he becomes interested him just like Wuya did and decided to talk to him he decided that they should get revenge and asks him to join the Dark Side once again he agreed and started the darkness all over again however he went back to the temple to steal the Wu but however the alarm woke the others up however Dojo immediately asked him what was he doing he tells him out-of-my-way-gecko then Master Monk Guan orders Raimundo to drop the stolen Wu as Omi remembered when Raimundo first turned to the dark side. Omi says oh no our little Bobo has turned to the dark side again while Raimundo becomes angry as he said "My name is RAIMUNDO NOT BOBO!" as Rai kicks Omi away. However, he fooled Hannibal as Rai let Omi win the Xiaolin Showdown, yelling "I was cheated, cheated, cheated!". Dojo explains it was a Xiaolin Showdown dive as Hannibal becomes angry and swore to take revenge on Rai for manipulating him.


Tumblr n943qbpTHS1qcgo5lo1 r1 500.gif

As Rai is somehow street-smart and curious at his age including helping his friends. However this version of him is manipulating, cold, bitter, and heartless very much like Omi did as well when Chase Young tricked Omi by using one-half of the Ying-Yang Yo-Yo: The Ying Yo-Yo, to save Master Fung in the Ying-Yang world. Rai was very angry at Master Fung for not letting him advance to the next Xiaolin belt after he directly disobeyed him and let his ego get to him as well as always.

However, he helped Wuya restore her to her human form and gave him exactly everything what he wants. However he does not care about his friends (while on the Heylin side) except rule the world with Wuya but later on, he becomes guilty over what he has done, such as watching his friends get hurt, but still does not care about them. He can be somehow naive when he's not realizing that his friends escaped from their prison cells. In the end, he realized that his friends are more important than fame and rule the world and betrayed Wuya. In the Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean Rai can be consider as a ladies man as he showed interest in Kimiko, Willow (in Xiaolin Chronicles) and Dyris (while she was in her mermaid form), and also Wuya (in her human form).

However as Rai turn into his dark alter ego again in the Return of Master Monk Guan when he was dissed in front of everybody and was punished and not him anymore, he apparently took another second partnership this time with Hannibal who became interested in the boy and agreed to team up to get revenge but it was only a setup for master manipulator Hannibal, which he let Omi win but there can be some Heylin side in him still.



Maxresdefault (5)rai and human wuya.jpg

Rai and Wuya are considered as enemies however she took interest in him after finding out that he was not going to advance to the next Xiaolin belt after she promised him a lifetime of giving him everything what he wants but on one condition however he agrees to help her to restore her human form that she lost fifteen hundred years ago by being trapped in the puzzle box that Jack first released her in which he successfully did however he considered to be how sexual attracted to her in her human form beautiful and young and ruling the world by her side however she gave a limit of her power that he can summon rock monsters on his own which however he almost have ruled the World by her side but eventually double-crossed her towards the end Citadel of Doom (which in the Last Temptation of Raimundo as Wuya saw the meteor shower that they could not use the Wu for three whole days immediately she took that opportunity and use the media to hit his hometown which he again directly disobeyed him and save his hometown however the wu took over his body and possess him which Wuya waited until his mind and body was completely gone when Jack asked her once she become part of him is she a he or a she and possess and took over his body but however his friends save him and he was free from her possession).

Which in The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean after Kimiko smashed into a medium rock which was the Wu at Rai and Wuya fight against each other as he used the Sword of the Storm however she use her sexual against him by giving him a sexual sexist comment my, what a muscular young man which he became completely appreciated by the compliment by giving her a muscular show saying yeah I work out a lot which was only using it against him which shows that he might still have a crush on her but she punched him to the same rock as Clay.

Hannibal Roy Bean

Screenshot 2017-02-24-14-06-02.png

Hannibal took interest in the boy after he said that Raimundo felt bullied and humiliated and wanted to get revenge on those who did him wrong he offered Raimundo to join the dark side (again) with him which he agrees he said that Rai may still has a dark bright future as Omi has flashbacks when he first turned to the dark side (with Wuya) saying our little Bobo has turned to the dark side again. Hannibal enjoys watching Rai and Omi doing their Xiaolin Showdown although he didn't realize that Raimundo was manipulating him and tricking him the whole entire time and became upset at his betrayal by saying "I was cheated, cheated, cheated!" when Dojo explained it was a Xiaolin Showdown Drive, he sworn to get revenge on his so-called partner.

Powers and Abilities

Tumblr nfxydcEkPF1qcgo5lo3 250.gif

  • Air Manipulation: As the Dragon of Wind, Raimundo has total control over wind and air, and can compose bursts of winds, spawn tornadoes, and even typhoons, as well as generate breezes, squalls, gusts, whirlwinds, tempests, and hurricanes.
    • Flight: He displays the ability to fly using wind.

In addition to his elemental abilities and martial arts skills, he had other superhuman attributes such as:

  • Superhuman Strength: He is also strong, capable of breaking through stones and steel with one single kick or one punch.
  • Enhanced Speed: He can move and run to nearly superhuman speed.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: His reflexes are enhanced to nearly superhuman levels.
  • Enhanced Agility: He possess agility beyond that of a normal human being. He can dodge attacks, swing from things easily, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial movements with little effort.
  • Enhanced Durability: He has proven to have a nearly superhuman durability.


  • Raimundo's Xiaolin Apprentice move
    • Typhoon Boom Wind: Raimundo clapped his hands and created a huge sonic boom which will develop into wind and blow his enemies away. He was even able to use this technique before he became a Xiaolin Apprentice.
  • Raimundo's Wudai Warrior move
    • Wudai Star Wind: The ability to project beams of compressed air, usually in the form of a tornado. He can also blast it at the floor to push himself up into the air and then propel himself through the air using wind; practically flying, as well as creating tornadoes of many size and shapes or even blasting a fist made out of air.
  • Raimundo's Shoku Warrior move
    • Shoku Astro Wind: After reaching the level of Shoku Warrior, Raimundo is able to use Shoku Astro. With this, he is able to launch concentrated waves of powerful wind, in many shapes, and even being capable of riding the winds.

Former Powers

  • Rock Creatures Summoning: When he joined Wuya, she gave him a very limited amount of her powers. Because of that, he was able to summon Wuya's Rock Creatures, by simply snapping his fingers, called "Boys" or "Guards" by him.


  • Master Martial Artist: Raimundo is a great Xiaolin Warrior. Although he was the last to rise to Xiaolin Apprentice, he would become the greatest, capable of holding his own and defeating the combined forces of Chase Young, Wuya and Hannibal Bean. Raimundo becomes Shoku Warrior, and his style seems to be in the forms of Kung Fu, Capoeira and Taekwondo.
  • Expert Tactician: He has shown to be a brilliant tactician capable of quickly formulating battle strategies and new plans if the situation changes, like being able to elaborate different complex plans in order to infiltrate an enemy base or defeat different enemies in difficult situations, and be victorious. He was even capable of putting an T-Rex with enhanced intellect in check with all of his pieces surrounding his king despite being his first time playing chess during Oil in the Family


Yeah, well, whatever! If that's the thanks I get for trying to save his neck! Fine! Won't happen again!
~ Evil Raimundo, after returning to the temple to protect Master Fung
No! I'm sick of this place! I should've never left Brazil!
~ Evil Raimundo, after he didn't rank up to Xiaolin Apprentice
Big deal
~ Evil Raimundo
Since I'm not one of the special Xiaolin apprentices, can I go play Goo Zombies 3?
~ Evil Raimundo
~ Evil Raimundo, after Master Fung refused to let him leave to play his video game
Oh, man
~ Evil Raimundo
Wow. Stringing together a couple of words
~ Evil Raimundo
I can see why that's reserved for apprentice level.
~ Evil Raimundo
Until I'm as good as you?
~ Evil Raimundo
Wow, Omi, you should be a motivational speaker.
~ Evil Raimundo
Oh, yeah. You've motivated me right outta here!
~ Evil Raimundo, after Omi taunted him to leave the temple
Golden Tiger Claws!
~ Evil Raimundo, about to head back to Brazil
All that training, all those showdowns, and for what? To get dissed. Never should've left you, my beautiful Rio De Janeiro.
~ Evil Raimundo, contemplating his decisions about arriving at the temple
Wuya! Stay out of my head! You, ugly ghost hag!
~ Evil Raimundo, remembered the previous day that she entered his head
So, what you're doing here?
~ Evil Raimundo, asks Wuya why did she come to his hometown
Hey, lots of guys sleep with teddy bears, all right?
~ Evil Raimundo, annoyed when Wuya found about that secret when she entered his head
~ Evil Raimundo
You got a point here?
~ Evil Raimundo, asking Wuya about her statement
~ Evil Raimundo, after he takes his soda from his butler
~ Evil Raimundo, after his lap of luxury vanishes
~ Evil Raimundo
No, I couldn't--I--
~ Evil Raimundo
I-I gotta go.
~ Evil Raimundo
Golden Tiger Claws!
~ Evil Raimundo, when he heads back to the temple
You're right, Omi. I'm not.
~ Evil Raimundo, tells him that he is correct that he isn't a Xiaolin Apprentice
So, where do you want them?
~ Evil Raimundo, asks Wuya when he decided to take her offer
Um, I thought we were gonna do this in style? Video games, cold soda, hot pizza, lap of luxury? Any of that ringing a bell?
~ Evil Raimundo, asking for his new lifestyle that Wuya promised him
No way! Forget it! I'm done with this Xiaolin mook lifestyle! Find yourself another chump!
~ Evil Raimundo, when Wuya tells him to head back to the temple
Soccer team?
~ Evil Raimundo, while he is in a trance
Okay, so what do I do?
~ Evil Raimundo, asks Wuya before heading back to the temple
Uh, stealing it?
~ Evil Raimundo, after Omi asks him
So, that's the way it's gonna be, huh?
~ Evil Raimundo, after Kimiko and Clay are blocking his way
Nah, I'm up for a Xiaolin slap down. Wind!
~ Evil Raimundo, before fighting against Kimiko and Clay
~ Evil Raimundo, about to defeat Kimiko and Clay
Wow, nothing gets past you, Omi.
~ Evil Raimundo, before he escapes the temple
Wrong! Serpent's Tail!
~ Evil Raimundo
Ha! Special delivery!
~ Evil Raimundo, after he heads back to Wuya and shows her that he successfully stole the Serpent's Tail from the Xiaolin Temple's Shen Gong Wu vault
You ready?
~ Evil Raimundo, asks Wuya if she is up for it
So, that's a yes?
~ Evil Raimundo, asks Wuya if she wants to become solid
Okay, okay, just jerking your chain.
~ Evil Raimundo, messing with Wuya
You know what I don't miss? Omi constantly missing the
~ Evil Raimundo, tries to taunt one of his former friends
Hey! Give it
~ Evil Raimundo, tells Dojo after he grabbed it
Cut it out!
~ Evil Raimundo, when he is annoyed of his former friends playing keep away
Not anymore! Golden Tiger Claws!
~ Evil Raimundo, after Wuya tells him that his former friends are making a fool out of him
Serpent's Tail!
~ Evil Raimundo, before heading towards Wuya and the Reversing Mirror
Golden Tiger Claws! Uh, back up boys.
~ Evil Raimundo, tells the golem to stand down
Maybe, you guys don't get it. I'm the only one who can save you.
~ Evil Raimundo. tells his former friends
Wha! Whoa! I- Hey!
~ Evil Raimundo, when Jack Spicer destroyed Wuya's golems
Where is everybody?
~ Evil Raimundo, when he sees around him
Yeah, I think.
~ Evil Raimundo, when he tells Wuya that he saw Jack Spicer
And that would be
~ Evil Raimundo, wants to realize when
Whoa! This is not what I was expecting!
~ Evil Raimundo, after he saw the globe
This whole conquering the world thing? I don't know if I'm down with it. I mean, I guess I thought
~ Evil Raimundo, realizes that he doesn't want to rule the world
You-you got every video game ever made in here!
~ Evil Raimundo, shocked to see his game room
(sigh) big deal
~ Evil Raimundo
I always get the high score. 'Cause nobody else is playing this thing.
~ Evil Raimundo, realizes that he is feeling down
Yeah, I guess so. It's just, it's not much fun as I thought it would be.
~ Evil Raimundo
No, it's not the car. I-, well, the car is nice, real nice! Like the nicest car I've ever seen.
~ Evil Raimundo
Uh, but that's not the point! What I'm trying to say, what's the use of having all this stuff if I've got nobody to share it with? I need friends.
~ Evil Raimundo
Really? So, you'll play with me!
~ Evil Raimundo, asks Wuya when she entered his game room
So, uh? You guys like air hockey?
~ Evil Raimundo
Okay, put on your game face!
~ Evil Raimundo
Dude, you're supposed to stop the puck!
~ Evil Raimundo
No! Don't eat the!
~ Evil Raimundo, warns the golem
Okay, let's try something else.
~ Evil Raimundo, when he walks to the basketball
I don't know. Basketball? I guess not.
~ Evil Raimundo
Hey, hey, Wuya, the good time gal!
~ Evil Raimundo, happy to see his villain ally
You up for a little air hockey?
~ Evil Raimundo, asks Wuya aftee she enters
Uh, we need a new puck.
~ Evil Raimundo, tells Wuya after a golem ate it
Uh, Wuya? You might wanna do a head count! You're short one Omi!
~ Evil Raimundo, tells his villain ally that one monk isn't inside the cage
~ Evil Raimundo
Omi's really trapped in the past?
~ Evil Raimundo, worried about his friend that can't return to the present
I-I never wanted anything to happen to you guys. I-I just wanted my due.
~ Evil Raimundo, doesn't want his former friends to be hurt but he needs his payment
Wait! Wait!
~ Evil Raimundo
Wuya, what if these guys, you know, swear loyalty to you?
~ Evil Raimundo, talking about his former friends being commited to his partner
Maybe, they could sort of live in the palace with me?
~ Evil Raimundo, asks Wuya that his former friends can stay inside the palace too
Come on, guys. You won't believe the stuff she's got.
~ Evil Raimundo, tells his friends that they'll be shocked of the belongings that Wuya has given him
Video games, race cars, speed boats!
~ Evil Raimundo, lists the items that Wuya gave him
Come on, guys! Wuya rules the whole world!
~ Evil Raimundo, tells his former friends that his partner conquered the world
So, come on! Join the winning team already!
~ Evil Raimundo, wants his former friends to join the Heylin side alongside him
What do you say?
~ Evil Raimundo, asks his friends to join him and Wuya
(sigh) Whoa!
~ Evil Raimundo
What're you doing here? Did you decide to join me?
~ Evil Raimundo, surprised to see his former friends
Better run, 'cause I'm coming after you!
~ Evil Raimundo, puts his hood while telling his former friends to ahead
Guards! Come on! We got some former friends to catch!
~ Evil Raimundo, about to sit on a golem
Break all you want, guys! We'll make more!
~ Evil Raimundo, about to snap his fingers to summon golems
What's wrong with you guys? Why don'tcha just fly away?
~ Evil Raimundo, asks his former friends to leave
It's like you're not trying to get away. (monkey sound) Because you are not. Quick! Back to the Palace!
~ Evil Raimundo, realized that the three of his former friends are a distraction for Omi and Jack Spicer
Wuya! The prisoners have escaped! I think they set a
~ Evil Raimundo, realized that his former friends and Jack Spicer are imprisoned inside cages
Wuya, wait! You can't squish them like that!
~ Evil Raimundo, doesn't want his former friends and Jack Spicer to be squished
~ Evil Raimundo
No! Stop it!
~ Evil Raimundo
You don't have to worry about me messing up anymore! Because I quit!
~ Evil Raimundo
~ Evil Raimundo
Have you been spying on me?
~ Evil Raimundo
That's creepy!
~ Evil Raimundo
Huh? I don't need anyone!
~ Evil Raimundo
I'm not that desperate!
~ Evil Raimundo
Anyway, what could you do?
~ Evil Raimundo
Yeah, I would like that.
~ Evil Raimundo
Oh, yeah!
~ Evil Raimundo
Oh, man!
~ Evil Raimundo
Out of my way, Gecko!
~ Evil Raimundo
(growls) Hey! You're not my boss, anymore, Guano, man!
~ Evil Raimundo
The name is Raimundo! Not Bobo! (growls)
~ Evil Raimundo
I got all the friends I need right here
~ Evil Raimundo
You're on! My fancy feet against your
~ Evil Raimudo
What do you have left
~ Evil Raimundo, asks Omi when he challenge him to a showdown
The game will be called Xiaolin Sparring! Last monk standing wins.
~ Evil Raimundo, tells Omi when he challenged him to a showdown
Time to do what I do best! Kick round butt!
~ Evil Raimundo
Oh, I'll make it sting, all right.
~ Evil Raimundo
Looks like, you win!
~ Evil Raimundo, after he pretended to be hurt


  • Raimundo and Omi are the only two Xiaolin monks who turn to the Heylin side to join Wuya and Chase respectively (Kimiko as well but didn't last long during the showdown against Wuya) (Clay turned evil when Sibini possessed him) Plus, Raimundo joins Hannibal Roy Bean on the Heylin side as a ploy to retrieve the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman.
  • Raimundo's eyes didn't change color when he turned evil like Omi's eyes change color when he became evil temporary or Kimiko's eyes change color during the showdown against Wuya. Plus, Clay's eyes changed color when he is possessed by Sibini.


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