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The Evil Spirit

The Evil Spirit is the main antagonist of the final episode "The Tale of the Silver Sight" of the children's horror TV series Are You Afraid of the Dark?.


He was seen in the dream of Gary who made a return for the 7th season of the series. He sees him when he has black eyes and frightens Gary. Gary's grandfather also appears in the dream and asks him for help.

When Gary tell his friends after what he saw his grandfather passed away might be killed by the spirit, so Gary,his brother Tucker and their friends try to find clues to solve the mysteries so the spirit takes every form he wants to scare them.

When he tells Gary to see the true enemy and wanted one of Gary and Tucker's grandfather friends to be punished Gary said it was him who is the true enemy and the spirit is shocked and screams he does not have the right to say it was the enemy was now imprisoned in the Silver Sight.

Story with the modern main characters who was part of the story of gene who was the first member of horror story club in 1937.

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