The Evil Talking Cake

The Evil Talking Cake is a minor antagonist on Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and three cherries and the main antagonist of the You Asked For it Part II episode segment Little Cake of Horrors.

He was voiced by the late Bill Woodson.

Little Cake of Horrors

The Evil Talking Cake was made by Hamton J. Pig as a pre-bedtime snack. However, Hamton did not eat the cake because it was loaded with calories and he preferred to stick to his diet, as he was overweight. Throughout the cartoon, the cake persuades Hamton eat him, but Hamton tries to escape from him. Unable to escape, he tosses the cake off a cliff, only to have him return to his house completely unharmed. Hamton even tries blowing up the cake by putting dynamite candles in him (he claims to be having a birthday cake party), but the cake informs Hamton that if he blows him up, the kitchen will be a huge mess, so Hamton takes away the dynamite and blows himself up. He wakes up to find out that the cake was all a nightmare, so he calls Dizzy Devil over to eat it. Dizzy eats the cake, but is still hungry (he was hungry since Act One), so he tries to eat Hamton as well (Dizzy tells Hamton he's not on a diet).

Appearances in Video Games

  • The Evil Talking Cake appears as an enemy in Babs' Big Break for the Game Boy and as an enemy in Buster Busts Loose for the SNES. His basic attack is spitting cherries at the player.


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