The Evil Turtle's babies are minor secondary antagonists in The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Nest", a sequel from the Season 3 episode "The Puppy".


Evil Turtle’s babies look similar to their mother, but they are cream-colored and have stubby noses just like their mother.


Anais discovered that when Richard bought the Evil Turtle from the Awesome Store, she was pregnant. She payed a lot of turtle eggs underneath the Waterson’s house. They even kidnapped Gary (their next door neighbor), Tony and Donald.

Nicole discovers the missing people and the turtle eggs. The eggs have hatched and the baby turtles started to rampage throughout Elmore, whilst Nicole rescues the three people.

The evil turtles attacked sevaral citizens, and the Wattersons tried to find their mother, who had grown a few inches bigger. They successfully found their mother eventually, and the Evil Turtle calls to her babies.

The evil turtle babies followed the Wattersons and their mother to the docks. Evil Turtle and her babies were reunited and swam away into the distance, as well as destroying a ship along the way.



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