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Greetings, foolish Portal Master! I am Evilon, and you have gazed in the Mirror of Mystery! Soon, I will be putting an end to your wretchedly good and magical Skylands! That is unless you are brave enough to step through the mirror and confront me!
~ Evilon's introduction
Greetings, Skylander. It's I again-Evilon! Your mortal enemy! And I come to you now with a warning. Turn back now. Turn back or meet your ultimate and very messy doom.
~ Evilon, after confronting with a Skylander

Evilon is the main antagonist in Skylanders: Trap Team mission "Mirror Of Mystery". He is good Kaos's archenemy and a foe for the Skylanders.

Mirror of Mystery

Evilon is Master Eon's evil dimensional counterpart, who is seen at the beginning of the expansion pack, threatening to destroy the alternate Skylands. But not before giving the Portal Masters a chance to face him. After knowing the whereabouts of this mirror dimension, Glumshanks appears at Skylanders academy, where he teleports himself and the Skylander to the other world. As they arrive, they meet Kaos' good counterpart, who gladly welcomes them to his world. They look around them and see that the trolls are happy and peaceful, while the Mabu is the mean invaders. After assembling the mechs for the troll army to defend themselves, the Skylanders help them fight back. As they break through the Mabu's barrier, they come across Flynn's mirror counterpart, who drops bombs upon them that destroys their mechs. Later, as they keep moving on, they also come across an evil Persephone who creates Mabu super soldiers that she summoned to attack the Skylanders. The Skylanders throws at the bomb at Persephone's tree, which destroys Persephone in the process. Once they make it to Evilon, a troll appears on a flying gunship and helps the Skylanders take out Evilon's defenses. As the Skylanders shoots Evil Flynn's ship, it begins to crash into the mirror that Evilon was in, destroying him once and for all.


Evilon is, as his name would suggest, an evil sorcerer. All he thinks about is terrorizing the village and killing trolls.

Physical Appearance

He almost looks similar to Eon, except he has red skin and yellow eyes, and wears a darker helmet. His look resembles the devil.


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