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I am Evox. The Morphin Grid will be mine!
~ Evox.

Evox is the main antagonist of Power Rangers: Beast Morphers. He is a a cobra-like sentient computer virus that longs to take over the Morphin Grid.

He was voiced by Randall Ewing.


Evox infiltrates the Grid Battleforce's computer networks, infecting the system after flowing into one of the lab's main computers. He continues to flow into a tank of Morph X, a material that the lab intends to use to create a new team of Power Rangers. Devon Daniels, who sneaked into the lab to see their battle simulator and was hiding near the tank, sees this. Briefly after, Evox's cobra avatar materializes inside the Morph X and hisses at him. After being caught, Devon tries to warn Commander Shaw of the virus, but is nevertheless detained. Regardless, Shaw has her head scientist, Nate Silva, scan the computers again. However, because Evox had already infected the system, he could not detect the virus.

Later, as the lab begins to transform their three candidates, Blaze, Ravi, and Roxy, into rangers using the Morph X, Evox appears on the main monitor, declaring that he will take over the Mophing Grid. Using the corrupted Morph X, Evox creates an evil ranger avatar of Blaze, who helps create another avatar of Roxy, which causes their original bodies to fall into a coma. However, before the villains could create an avatar of Ravi, Devon, who was able to escape confinement, severs the main wire connecting the corrupted Morph X to the transformation machine. Devon and Ravi, along with Zoey Reeves, a laundry worker who was originally slated to be the Yellow Ranger before being replaced by Roxy, are transformed into rangers by Nate, allowing them to fight off Evox's evil rangers before Nate transports the evil rangers to another dimension.

Evox, Blaze, and Roxy appear in the Cyber Dimension where they meet Scrozzle, a machine who claims to rule the Cyber Dimension. Scrozzle unleashes a group of Tronics and threatens Blaze and Roxy, but Evox's avatar appears from the supercomputer and destroys the Tronics with his laser beams. Frightened, Scrozzle agrees to help Evox return to human world. Scrozzle explains that he has a teleporter, which can be powered by the Morph X that Blaze and Roxy brought with them. However, they don't have enough Morph X to teleport a being of Evox's power. Evox orders Blaze to take Scrozzle and return to Earth to steal more Morph X.

Evox is informed by a nervous Scrozzle that they don't have enough Morph X to teleport another Gigadrone to Earth. Scrozzle blames the avatars for this failure. Roxy retorts that she and Blaze have a new plan: they can steal more Morph X from Zoey's Morph X-powered bikes which are being used around the city. Evox instructs his minions to carry out the plan so he can break free from the Cyber Dimension.

While Earth celebrates Valentine's Day, Roxy explains to Evox her plan to manipulate Ravi to obtain a Neural Aligner and convert Ravi into an evil Avatar. Believing that having a Ranger on his side could help him gain more Morph X, Evox agrees with the plan. Although Roxy ultimately fails to turn Ravi into an Avatar, she escapes back to the Cyber Dimension with the Aligner. After the destruction of Shoveltron, Scrozzle informs Evox that he can use the device to build a machine that will allow Evox to escape the Cyber Dimension. Evox vows to destroy Grid Battleforce once he returns back to Earth.

Later, Evox complains to Scrozzle and Blaze that the only thing preventing his escape from the Cyber Dimension is a lack of Morph-X and that he needs more. Blaze presents a plan to create a new Robotron that can slice into a Morph-X tower and get an ocean of Morph X for Evox. Evox approves of the plan, but warns Blaze that it had better work.

Evox is angry with Blaze for letting the Rangers capture a Gigadrone. He blasts Blaze with his lasers and orders his minions to recover Slicerdrone before the Rangers break into the gigadrone and steal its data. Roxy and Meltatron break into Grid Battleforce's secret hangar and reboot Slicerdrone, while Scrozzle takes the opportunity to steal some items from the hangar. Although Slicerdrone is ultimately destroyed before the Rangers can learn anything useful from it, Evox remains furious because not only was Morph-X used to accomplish so little, but the Rangers now have a new Megazord. Scrozzle informs Evox that he has everything he needs to build his secret machine, but refuses to tell Blaze and Roxy anything. Blaze summons his sword and threatens Scrozzle, but Evox yells at the Avatars to find a way to defeat the Rangers' Megazord, threatening to have Scrozzle turn them into Tronics if they fail on the mission.

Vacuutron is sent to retrieve more Morph X to power up Scrozzle's Cybergate and free Evox from his prison. Meanwhile Blaze and Roxy kidnap Nate and force him to build a special robot to serve as a new body for their master. The Cybergate is opened and Evox emerges. He begins to insert himself into the robot body, but Nate teleports a blaster from Grid Battleforce Headquarters and shoots the Cybergate's power systems, damaging it. Evox is pulled back into the Cyber Dimension, while Nate and the robot body are morphed into the Gold and Silver Rangers. After the subsequent battles that follow, in which both Vacuutron and Vacuudrone are destroyed, Scrozzle repairs the Cybergate and returns to the Cyber Dimension, where he informs Evox that they still need to recover the robotic body. Blaze and Roxy vow to capture the Steel for Evox. 


  • The patterns on Evox's design bears a striking resemblence to Messiah's Cell form, strongly hinting that Evox, like his Sentai counterpart, will likely use this form as a body in the future.
  • Evox is based on the devil in Christianity, being a manipulator who makes deals offering, corruptive power to others.
  • Evox's motif or design is based on the snake/cobra.


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