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Ex Nihilo aka Dr. Wald is the leader of a gang that is known for conducting strange experiments on coma patients. While she did this her henchman Vernon Boyne would steal from the patient's hime. Later she and The Squid bring back Abyss and try to capture him. However Abyss ended up escaping. She blamed Manteau and Nelson Jent for this and captured Manteau and tried to get information from her. She told Nihilo how to use the H dial and she used it to turn into a hero and fought Abyss only to lose. She tried to defeat and control him again in another hero form but again failed. When she found out that The Squid had betrayed her and was helping Nelson Jent and Manteau she went to them and fought them. She then left an injured Squid to die and went back to Abyss who she now wanted to destroy as she thought another opportunity would come. After a short fight with Nelson Jent in a hero form they worked together to defeat Abyss. However after the fight her dial broke and she fell to her death.

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