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The Executioner's Chariot is an optional boss in Dark Souls II. It is an undead two-headed horse that tortures the undead skeletons of the Undead Purgatory by smashing into them for all eternity.


During the Old Iron King's rule, he sent his knights out to round up the undead from his kingdom of Venn for sport. The Executioner's Chariot was designed to be used to torture the undead during these hunts. Long after the Iron King and his kingdom fell to fire and rock, the chariot continued its tradition of punishing the undead; under control by not that of the rider, but rather his horse, possessing its rider's will with the intentions of tormenting its victims.

The Bearer of the Curse encounters the chariot in the Undead Purgatory, continuously running loops through a circular arena, forcing them down one way from the fog door as the other way is a pit that they cannot jump over. Hiding in the alcoves is the best way to avoid having the chariot run over the player, although rolling at the right time underneath the spikes to the side avoids it as well. While there are skeletons in the way that attack the player, they can still be crushed by the chariot as they put no effort into avoiding it. The skeletons will continuously revive until the two necromancers that are hiding in two alcoves of the arena are killed.

At the end of the looped arena is a lifted iron gate, which falls back down when a nearby lever is pulled. If the player lowers the gate at the right time, the chariot will be unable to stop and crashes into it. The chariot is destroyed, the rider is killed, but the horse only loses a fourth of its health before quickly rising back to its feet. It attacks by biting, stomping, kicking, or breathing out a dark flame. Defeating the horse ends the battle.

Alternatively, the horse can be defeated without lowering the gate by hitting it with arrows, spells, or a long-ranged weapon as it continues to run across the arena. As it weakens, it jumps the pit at a slower pace. Once it has less than a fourth of health left, it misses the jump and ends up hanging on the edge of the pit. Hit it once for the mad steed to plummet down to its death.

In the Scholar of the First Sin edition of Dark Souls II, a second horse without a chariot can be found in a hallway of the Drangleic Castle. It drops the Gower's Ring of Protection when defeated.





  • The Executioner's Chariot Soul can be consumed for 8,000 souls or traded with Straid of Olaphis to obtain either the Shield Crossbow or Chariot Lance.
  • In New Game Plus runs, the Executioner's Chariot drops the Chloranthy Ring +2.
  • The Executioner's Chariot was called the Silver Chariot in the network test.


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