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Once inside, beware of the outsized killer who patrols her domain. Never confront him; he is invincible.
~ White King to Alice Liddell about the Executioner

The Executioner is an elite minion of The Queen of Hearts who appears in Alice: Madness Returns. As his name would suggest, he acts as her executioner, killing anyone who displeases her. He usually carries out his gruesome task within her castle, but may occasionally hunt down his targets.



The Executioner is a huge humanoid made of multiple Card Guard parts stitched together. He wears what seems to be a jester's hat combined with an executioner's cowl. His body is covered in tentacles akin to those of the Queen of Hearts - even in his eyesockets. He wields a huge scythe with a pommel resembling a chess piece.


The Executioner is fiercely loyal to his queen and determined to hunt down and destroy her enemies. He is capable of fear, however, as he stood in horror at the giant-sized Alice.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to his immense size and strength, the Executioner is extremely skilled with his large scythe and can call upon Card Guards to his aid. He is also extremely resistant to damage, as only the most powerful opponents could harm him.


The Executioner is sent by the Queen of Hearts to kill Alice. Judging by the tentacles on him, he may be an avatar of the Queen herself, or a special minion empowered by her personally. He chases her multiple times throughout Queensland, trying to slay her with his scythe. Since he is immune to damage, the only way to defend oneself against his assault is to avoid his monstruous attacks while tricking him into hitting the Card Guards he summons.

The Executioner is finally destroyed in the ruins of the Majestic Maze, where Alice finds a cake that allows her to grow massive and squash him underfoot.


  • The Executioner may be based on a Joker card, considering his unique cap.


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