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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to tonight's show! Where you, the players, decide the entertainment for your twisted pleasure!
~ The Executioner greeting his audience.

The Executioner is a villainous character in Welcome to the Game, and the main antagonist of The Waiting Room. While he is never directly antagonistic to the player in Welcome to the Game, he is still extremely sadistic and evil. 

The Executioner is the operator and host of the Red Room, a snuff livestreaming service on the Deep Web and what the player is looking for. After finally finding one at the end of the game, the player gets to see the Executioner's livestream as he mercilessly tortures an innocent man he abducted from New York to death with a power-drill. 

In The Waiting Room, he patrols the titular compound seen in the livestream of Welcome to the Game. The player is seeking to escape his compound while avoiding him. The player must manually shut their eyes in order to feign unconsciousness, and escape throughout using the Deep Web to find six hashes to create a password, and escape his compound.


The Executioner wears medical scrubs, a hockey mask, and is covered head-to-toe in blood. In The Waiting Room, he has significantly less blood on his clothes, although he is still wearing the same clothes as in Welcome to the Game.


  • He heavily resembles Richard Trager from Outlast, as they are both talkative and theatrical torturers, snuff filmers, and amoral psychopaths who take sadistic pleasure in mutilating innocent people. They are also both donned in medical scrubs.
  • His hockey mask is possibly a reference to Jason Voorhees.
  • It's speculated that he's associates with the Kidnapper and that's how he gets his victims to torture, although this is unconfirmed, and merely fan speculation.
  • In a secret ending, the player momentarily controls a man named Larry, who is the victim of The Red Room. He can escape by getting out of his restraints and exiting through the door, to find someone picking up a hitchhiker outside. Seconds later, the Breather jumpscares the player, thus rendering his escape attempt fruitless.


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