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I am the one who turned Signalman evil and sent him to Errrth! I am the puppet master of evil, bending the universe to my whim! I am the puppetmaster of all evil, bending the universe to my whim! Biker Lord Exhaus! Hear me, Biker Gang Bykergang... you must regain your evil confidence.
~ Exhaus revealing himself to the Bowzock.

Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus was the main antagonist of the series Gekisou Sentai Carranger. He appears as a giant in space and makes the Bowzock's Baribariban base (which is significantly bigger than the International Space Station) look small compared to him. His ultimate goal is to build a universal highway and destroy all the planets in the way of his project, including Earth.

Exhaus was voiced by Osamu Kobayashi.


Prior to the series, Exhaus posed as a fortune teller named Suzogue and tricked a space biker named Gynamo into thinking he can amass good luck if he and gang blow up a planets that are located at areas that Exhaus intended to built his intergalactic highway on. Before he introduced himself to the Bowzock, Exhaus arranged to poison Planet Police with a noxious five-colored gas which warps Signalman's mind and make him help the Bowzock. But once Signalman is restored, Exhaus takes matters in his own hands by giving the Bowzock various special weapons and giant robots to aid them.

Upon discovering a once-in-a-million years phenomenon where the constellations that give the Carrangers their powers are weakened, Exhaus uses the Bowzock to distract the Carrangers long enough so he can steal their constellations and render them powerless. In turn, having no more need for the Bowzock, Exhaus sends their Baribarian satellite to Earth to take destroy both. However, when the Baribariban is saved by Sirender at Beauty Zonette's insistence, the Bowzock let the Carranger smash their base into Exhaus so they can release the car constellations and, likewise, their Carmagic which seemingly kills Exhaus. Unfortunately, Exhaus survived by absorbing the evil energies of the entire universe into his body to assume a fighting form called Exhaus Super Strong that is durable enough to withstand the self destruction of VRV Robo pointblank without a scratch. However, once fed stale imo-youkan by Gynamo, Exhaus shrank to human size so the Carrangers could finish him off. Using thier Crew Magic attack, where the whole team turn into thier RV Vehicles and tear through the enemy, the Carrangers obliterate Exhaus' body in an instant. His soul then flew up into vast outer space where he turns into dust alongside his highway, saving the Earth.


Exhaus was traitorous, ruthless, sadistic, cruel, and insane by nature. Desiring power, he was willing to do whatever it takes to get it. He was also arrogant and egomaniacal, considering others to be garbage of the universe, while also possessing a god complex, viewing himself as superior than everyone else.


  • Kyosuke Jinnai
  • Naoki Domon
  • Minoru Uesugi
  • Natsumi Shinohara
  • Youko Yagami
  • Dapp


Bykergang and Signalman have agreed to work together. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
~ Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus' first words after the Bowzock and Signalman agreed to team-up against the Carrangers.
Fine work, Bykergang. Beginning today, the Baribarian will be an intergalactic space dump. With the Carranger gone, Bykergang no longer serves any purpose for me! Indeed. And things which lack purpose should be tossed out. You are garbage. I will use this garbage for another purpose, you are to be blasted at Errrth, where the burning energy of the flames will cause it to burst like a rocket.
~ Exhaus when he betrayed the Bowzock with the second part coming after Zelmoda asked for confirmation that they were now no longer needed.
The Baribarian...!
~ Exhaus reacting to the Baribarian coming right at him and his final words before his supposed death.
Did you really think Biker Lord Exhaus would fall so easily? FOOLS! I have gathered the evil power sown throughput the cosmos to revive as Exhaus Super Strong!
~ Exhaus revealing his survival and transformation into Exhaus Super Strong.
Damn you! My evil intergalactic highway plan is not yet completed...I cannot die!
~ Exhaus after Gynamo forcibly shrunk him.
My evil intergalactic highway plan...!
~ Exhaus' final Words before his death.



  • Exhaus' plan to blow up the Earth to make way for an interstellar highway is a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy since that was the main villain (Vogon Jeltz's) goal in that series.
  • Although Exhaus was adapted into Power Rangers Turbo as Goldgoyle, only footage of his second form was used and he was replaced as the main antagonist of the series by Divatox.
    • The presumed reason for this was because all of the footage of his first form was just him looming over the Baribarian and acting evil.
  • How Exhaus was defeated (through a slate imo-youkan) is often considered to be the most hilarious defeat of a Sentai main villain ever.


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