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Exo-Toa are the mechanical battlesuits that appeared in the BIONICLE series. They were once created on the order of the Brotherhood of Makuta by the Nynrah Ghosts and thus, served as the secondary minions of the Brotherhood's army alongside the Rahkshi and Visorak


The Exo-Toa were designed by the Nynrah Ghosts under the order of the Brotherhood of Makuta and were later manufactured by the Vortixx in the island of Xia. The Brotherhood then molded them into their army and used them to guard the Brotherhood's bases, and additionally placed some of them in the Bohrok Nests to defend against the possible premature unleashing of the Bohrok.

The Exo-Toa were later seen among the army of the Brotherhood who were dispatched with the help of the alliance of the Order of Mata Nui and the Toa Mangai to crush the League of Six Kingdoms, who were plotting to overthrow the Great Spirit. During the battle in both the island of Metru Nui and in front of the Barraki's fortress, the Exo-Toa clashed against several members of the League and eventually defeated them. 

Following the Brotherhood's corruption, the Exo-Toa were then used by the Makuta members to help them in their campaign of conquest and oppression. 

Later, several Exo-Toa and the Rahkshi were led by both the Brotherhood and their member, Kojol to raid the island of Artahka to steal the Kanohi Avohkii. The island's inhabitants were defenseless against the army, though the Exo-Toa were destroyed by the Crystal Serpents during the attack.

When the Makuta were evolved in their Antidermis state, one Exo-Toa was later used as the test subject by Chirox 

When the Toa Hagah rebelled the Brotherhood and planned to steal the Avohkii away from them, the Exo-Toa alongside the Rahkshi, Visorak, Fohrok and the Dark Hunters members were dispatched to stop the Toa Hagah. However, they were 

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