The Extremis Soldiers are supporting antagonists in the 2013 Marvel film Iron Man 3. They are former soldiers enhanced by the use of Extremis that served as the personal army of Aldrich Killian of A.I.M..


As part of his plan to kill Tony Stark and overthrow President Ellis of the United States, Killian recruited many former soldiers with disabilities and subjected them to test involving the Extremis virus.

Killian then had several of his Extremis soldiers to spread around the world, where they would blow up due to instability. Killian would then get Trevor Slattery to pose as the Mandarin of the Ten Rings to claim responsibility for the attacks in order to covert Killian's plot.

Following Rhodes' kidnapping and the theft of the Iron Patriot armor by Eric Savin, Killian sends Savin to kidnap Ellis before bringing him over to the tanker Norco, where a number of Extremis Soldiers are awaiting for his execution. Fortunately, Tony arrived to the rescue by summoning his Iron Legion, rescuing Rhodes and Ellis in the process. The Extremis Soldiers try to fight against the armor, but they all end up being destroyed one by one. Killian himself would later be destroyed by Pepper (who utilized the Extremis virus to fight back against him).


Due to being injected with Extremis, the Extremis soldiers are equipped with super-human strength and can generate extreme amounts of heat through their own metabolisms. With this ability, they are able to either melt down or weaken certain metal to their own advantage.

Known Members


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Extremis Soldiers
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