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"We all scream for eye scream!" Villain Vault Eye Scream is a minor antagonist of Skylanders Trap Team. She is a Dark trappable villain who is a mutant monster that has her eye in her mouth.

She was voiced by Kimberly Brooks who also voices Bad Juju.




She is an orange monster with her eye in her mouth.


Eye Scream first appears when the Skylanders came to her home in Monster Marsh.

Seeing the Skylanders confronting her, she sends out several eyeballs to attack them before she flees in the swamp.

The Skylanders corner her at the of the marsh that is accessible hidden inside a Traptanium crystal, as it allows the Skylanders to defeat and trap her.


  • Cali refers to Eye Scream as "him" in her villain quest
  • She shares the same name with a marvel supervillain
  • Eye Scream is one of the only trappable villains to be a female along with Dreamcatcher, Golden Queen, and Bad Juju
  • Her name is a play on "ice cream".


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