Eyeball Paul is the main antagonist of Kevin and Perry Go Large.


He is played by Rhys Ifans, who would go on to play Adrian in Little Nicky and The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man.


Two teenagers Kevin and Perry travel to Ibiza in the hopes of losing their virginity and also full-filling their dream of becoming DJs. At the airport they spot superstar DJ Eyeball Paul (who has gotten his nickname through "eyeballing" which involves drinking vodka through the eye). However Paul mocks the pair and refers to Kevin's mother as a "bitch", but the clueless pair think Paul is a nice bloke and he will be able to help them with their dream.

Later that evening they spot Paul at a club where he will be disk jockeying. He makes further remarks (but they are still oblivious) and tells them to meet him at his place tomorrow morning and he will listen to their tape.

Kevin and Perry head to Paul's apartment, but he decides to use them and asks them to do housework for him and paint his bathroom in exchange that he will listen to their tape. Unaware they are simply being used and taunted, they happily carry out the work he gives them.

The next day they return to his home and Paul decides to look at a video they made, and spots a tape of Kevin's parents having sex (which was secretly filmed by Perry). Paul plays the tape to the pair and takes delight in Kevin's humiliation and argument with Perry, and refuses to hand over the tape causing a highly emotional Kevin to run off with Perry following him. However when Perry passes by later, Paul says he will play their music at the club later that evening and hands back the video recording to him.

A made up Kevin and Perry meet up at Paul's apartment and are taken to the club by limo (with their "girls of their dreams" Candice and Gemma in tow). Paul does play their music, but then plays the recording of Kevin's parents having intercourse to the audience. Regardless of this, the audience still idolizes Kevin and Perry, which angers Paul who threatens to destroy the tape with their music on it. But his bodyguard Big Baz - who is tired of Paul's abuse toward him and others - grabs Paul and punches him off the stage. Kevin and Perry then take over and play their music to the audience.

During the credits, Paul is seen eyeballing again, however this time it has drastic consequences as his eye detaches from the socket and ends up in the vodka bottle.

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