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The Eyeless is a major antagonistic force in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

The Eyeless is a gang located in Karnaca. In contrast to other gangs, however, they are more of a sect and their members come from high and low social classes alike. The Eyeless is fascinated by the Outsider and the Void and attempt to find ways of contacting the Outsider and to enter the Void. While their reasons differ vastly, their goal unites them under one common cause. Although their leaders are not commonly known, they are secretly important members of Karnaca's society. The Eyeless are actually pawns of a far greater power, the Cult of the Outsider.


Dishonored 2

During one of his public broadcasts, Duke Luca Abele reminds the citizens of Karnaca that several organizations and gangs are outlawed and are not to be supported. Amongst the groups mentioned are the Eyeless, which Abele claims to be especially nasty.

After the elimination of Breanna Ashworth and Delilah Copperspoon and the loss of their magic powers, several members of the former Brigmore coven join the Eyeless, as the Eyeless' occult experiments are the closest they can get to magic.

Death of the Outsider

By circumstance, members of the Eyeless arrive at the formerly abandoned Albarca Baths. Inside, they find the former assassin Daud, captured inside a machine that is preventing him from using his powers. Realizing that Daud is able to use magic, the Eyeless start to make a profit by turning the Albarca Baths into an illegal fighting ring - with Daud as their new champion. To prevent Daud from escaping and killing them all, Daud is not allowed to leave the ring which is still covered by the power-dampener.

However, Daud is eventually located by Billie Lurk. Lurk enters the Baths and deactivates the dampener, allowing Daud to emerge from his captivity and slaughter all nearby Eyeless. In addition, members of the City Watch suddenly storm the Baths in a raid and slaughter all of the remaining Eyeless. Daud and Billie escape, however.

In their quest to kill the Outsider, Billie and Daud need to retrieve the Twin-folded blade from the Eyeless. In order to do so, they need to identify the leaders of the Eyeless. After investigating some of their hideouts, they come to the conclusion that opera singer Shan Yun, city administrator Ivan Jacobi and bank manager Dolores Michaels are the leaders of the Eyeless. Each of the members holds the key to a safe in the vault of Michaels' bank - the safe which contains the blade. However, all three keys are required to open the safe and Billie has to track down all three of them and find their keys.

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