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Eyes of the Adversary ("EAs" for short) are human beings transformed into grotesque creatures by The Enchantress as her personal army. They are major antagonists in the DC movie Suicide Squad. They are many types of EAs ranging from formerly law-abiding citizens to military personnel.


They are normal humans from Midway City who are somehow turned into bizarrely looking monsters by Enchantress. Amidst turned are average day people, children and criminals. They are more violent minions completely separated from their human selves and do the Enchantress' bidding, such as completely overrun Midway City.

EAs almost immediately fight the Suicide Squad after they presumably shoot down their escort chopper. They are quickly dispatched by Deadshot and the rest of the Squad. The Squad continues to run into the EAs as they progress in their mission but are too many. When Enchantress is finally defeated, the EAs are no more.


  • The Eyes of the Adversary have received many unfavorable comparisons to the Putty Patrollers.


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