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Ezekiel is a minor antagonist in the first season of the 2019 Amazon Prime TV adaptation of the highly controversial adult comic-book series The Boys. He's a Christian Supe with elastic powers and one of the main organizers of Capes for Christ. While he publicly promotes traditionalist values and denounces homosexuality, he is secretly attracted to men.

He's portrayed by Shaun Benson.

The Boys Series

Season One

Ezekiel is seen for the first time in the episode pilot "The Name of the Game" in a Supe nightclub while was engaging in a foursome with several male partners. He's recognized by Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher; while Hughie is surprised at what he's doing, Billy expresses his disgust for Ezekiel's hypocrisy.

In "Good for Soul" he headlines a Capes for Christ convention as the guest speaker, where he charges attendees thousands of dollars for a meet-and-greet. After a group baptism, Hughie attempts to blackmail him with compromising pictures, but his plans are foiled after his phone was short circuited by the baptism. Forced to improvise, Hughie bluffs, claiming to have a video of him and Ezekiel having sex, and demands information on Vought's Compound V shipments. Ezekiel initially attempts to attack Hughie stretching his hand at Hughie's neck, but relents and gives up the information, allowing Butcher to track the latest Compound V shipment to a hospital.

Powers and Abilities

  • Elasticity: Ezekiel can elongate and manipulate any part of his body.
  • Density changing: Ezekiel can augment his bodies shape including compressing it down into a compact form, with his mass remaining the same, he can increase or decrease accordingly.


Ezekiel's public image is that of a preacher of fundamentalist Christianity, who promotes traditionalist values and denounces homosexuality.

In reality, Ezekiel is a hypocrite and enjoys sexual activities with men.


  • Ezekiel's character resembles Oh Father, who is also a Christian hero, a speaker at Capes for Christ, and friends with Homelander. Unlike Ezekiel, Oh Father is a pedophile who frequently molests his twelve child sidekicks. He doesn't have elastic powers, but has super strength and can fly.
  • Ezekiel is a composite parody of superheroes like DC's' Plastic Man and Elongated Man and Marvel Comics' Mr. Fantastic and Ms Marvel who have the power to stretch themselves.
  • The Boys blackmailing with a clip of him being homosexual is a reference to when their comic book counterparts blackmailed Jack from Jupiter with a clip of him having sex with a couple of travesties.


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