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Thanks for all the help, ya knobs!
~ Ezekiel sarcastically saying thanks to the contestants for not helping him.
I'm not going anywhere! This game is mine, eh! MINE!!!
~ Ezekiel's last words in the entire franchise, before descending into madness and villainy in Total Drama World Tour.

Ezekiel, also known as Zeke for short, is a recurring antagonist from the Total Drama franchise. He appears as a supporting character in Total Drama Island, a minor character in Total Drama Action, the final antagonist of Total Drama World Tour and a minor antagonist in both Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars, serving as the central antagonist of the one-hundredth Total Drama episode.

He is a homeschooled and socially inept redneck, who is best known for being the first eliminated contestant in Total Drama. He later returns with the intentions of winning the competition in the third season, but is kicked off early on yet again, but his refusal to give up and Chris mclean’s selfishness did lead him to undergo an extreme transformation that totally changes him, turning him into a feral monster. He is the archenemy of Chris McLean.

He was voiced by Peter Oldring, who also voiced Alfred Ashford in Resident Evil: Code Veronica.


He is initially characterized as a naïve, homeschooled redneck and is the very first person eliminated from Total Drama Island due to seemingly sexist comments making the female competitors angry. It is unknown as to whether or not Ezekiel is unequivocally sexist or if he just came off that way by mistake, and he did make amends later on with Beth and Lindsey in the finale of Total Drama Island. After that, he merely served as a minor character until Total Drama World Tour; he did not compete in Total Drama Action.

In the third season, Total Drama World Tour, Ezekiel finally returned to the competition. However, not only was Ezekiel eliminated first again, but was now more stupid and arrogant than ever before to the point where Chris briefly eliminated him after getting sick of his boasting before deciding to give him a second chance. After being eliminated, he desperately tries to stay on the show by stowing away in the plane's cargo hold and can be seen hidden in the background of several episodes afterward, where his physical condition starts visibly deteriorating.

Ezekiel became one of the two Total Drama Fugitives (alongside Duncan).

In the episode "I See London", the "Jack the Ripper" used in the challenge is revealed to be Ezekiel, who has now devolved into a feral state and is thrown out of the plane again by Chris McLean for failing to capture all the other contestants. However, he manages to stay on the plane yet again, now as something less than human.

Ezekiel is later used for another challenge in "African Lying Safari", where he is now a completely feral, deranged animal and beats up Duncan after Chris has the remaining contestants recapture him for the second part of the challenge. In the penultimate episode, Alejandro frees and uses Ezekiel to attack Heather.

In the finale, after Heather finally defeats Alejandro, Ezekiel suddenly jumps out and wrestles the case from Chris (or Heather, depending on the ending), and after he successfully manages to steal it, he falls into the crater of the volcano and sinks in the lava with it, directly parodying the death of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. When the volcano erupts, Ezekiel appears yet again as a flaming meteor, somehow still alive, then crashes into Chris' boat, destroying it. Ezekiel is never shown resurfacing after that.

He is seen again in Total Drama Revenge of the Island. In "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!", Ezekiel appears on the yacht with the other veterans, still in his deranged, feral form. He is crouched up on the prow of the yacht, the wind blowing what little hair he has left and his tongue hanging out wildly.

In "A Mine is a Terrible thing to Waste", he appears in the second half of the episode. He kidnaps Anne Maria and since he finds her attractive, as the king of mutant blind gophers, presents her with various gifts, including the prize money he stole from last season (now reduced to ash). He eventually gives her a massive diamond, which she believes is real and thus worth much more than the million dollars.

Later, Ezekiel attacks Lightning when he tries to retrieve the golden statues on his throne. However, Lightning eventually fought back and strapped his backpack containing a bomb onto Ezekiel before kicking him down a tunnel. Shortly afterward, the mine was destroyed in the ensuing explosions, trapping Ezekiel whose still inside. He appears again in the 12th episode after escaping the cave but is stamped on by Lightning back to the bottom. He appears again the next episode as the beasts Chris summons to attack Lightning and Cameron. He tries to kiss Anne Maria but she is saved by Cameron before he can do so.

Ezekiel is seen again in the Total Drama: All-Stars first episode "Heroes vs. Villains". It appeared that he was going to be a contestant again but it was soon revealed that Chris set it up as a prank saying that there is no way Ezekiel is coming back.

Ezekiel appears again in "Zeek And Ye Shall Find", where he crashes Chris's one hundredth episode party and kidnaps Chris. Intending to take revenge on the host for all the humiliation and abuse he has put him through in the past, he takes him to the abandoned mine and ties him up above a vat of toxic waste to kill him. As a side effect of being exposed to radioactive waste for so long, Ezekiel can now spit acid. Throughout the episode, he locks several of the contestants who have been sent by Chef Hatchet to look for Chris (honorably, Ezekiel didn't harm any of the contestants, as he only wanted to take his revenge on Chris). After he has captured most of the contestants, Cameron, Gwen and Chef arrives, with the latter trying to free Chris before being knocked out by Ezekiel. He uses his acid spit to cause a rock slide and crush Cameron, but Gwen traps Ezekiel to his own throne with Chef's meatball bazooka. However, as soon as Gwen frees Cameron, Ezekiel disappears.

In an exclusive clip, it was revealed that Ezekiel dug his way to the fun zone on Boney Island, which contained all the mutant genetic creatures from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Zeke offers the monsters cake and they accept him as their king. He is currently living there, and as far as is known, he was consequently spared from Camp Wawanakwa's destruction in "The Final Wreck-ening".



  • Anne Maria (one-sided , on Ezekiel’s side)
  • Owen (formerly , when Ezekiel was still human)
  • Lindsay (formerly , when Ezekiel was human)
  • Beth (formerly , when Ezekiel was human)
  • Mutant animals


  • Pretty much everyone else, but mostly:
    • Chris (archenemy)
    • Chef (second most hated enemy)


Well, I just don't get why we lost, eh. They're the ones that have six girls.
~ Ezekiel referring to the Screaming Gophers team.
Well, guys are much stronger and better at sports than girls are.
~ Ezekiel.
Geoff: OK guys, let's give him a break. I mean, at least he doesn't think that guys are smarter than girls.
Ezekiel: But they are.
~ Ezekiel's other sexist comment.
Ho-ho-homies, get in focus, and take notice, I'm what is, oh yeah, the show biz, uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-huh!
~ Ezekiel rapping in his first and only confessional.
Yo, yo, yo. This year's winner is in the house! Oh, bus. I mean, runway. Where's the plane, eh?
~ Ezekiel in Total Drama World Tour.


  • Despite the fact that Ezekiel was an extremely minor character and didn't compete for so long in both seasons he participated, he gained a large fanbase. This was the main reason for which the creators brought him back in the third season and had him play a bigger role, though they might have wanted to make a mockery out of his unaccountably large fanbase as they deliberately turned the character obnoxious and had him undergo extreme punishments.
  • One of the main criticisms Total Drama World Tour received was the destruction of Ezekiel's character by the writers. Indeed, in spite of how Ezekiel has become a deranged feral (bearing a strong resemblance to Gollum) who has arguably crossed the Moral Event Horizon, some fans still sympathize with him and rightly blame Chris McLean in part for Zeke's descent into madness, aside that he was raised with wrong ideals. But the reason that happened was that the ridicule, the humiliation and the torment from other competitors spearheaded by Chris caused him to become feral, which made him feel there was no other way out. Ezekiel wasn't really kicked off of Total Drama for good, he was left out. Chris and chef also tried to leave him to die many times. However, in some way, Ezekiel himself was partially responsible as well for his own descent into madness, as he didn't want to accept his elimination and stayed in the plane despite being thrown two times after that. Had he accepted his defeat and returned to his home, Ezekiel would still be a normal human being.
  • One of the actors originally considered for the role of Ezekiel before Peter Oldring's casting was Christian Potenza. This is ironic, as Potenza ended up voicing Chris McLean, Ezekiel's archenemy.
  • Ezekiel is allergic, or at least "sensitive" to peanuts , as seen in "Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 1"
  • Ezekiel is one of five contestants confirmed to have grown up on a farm , with the others being Beth, Rodney, Scott and Sugar
  • Ezekiel is one of the three characters that are thought to be banned from Total Drama , with the two others being Topher and Scarlett. However, Zeke is still on Boney Island. Despite this, it is unlikely that Chris will bring him back again, as in the 100th episode of the franchise, "Zeke and ye shall find," after being kidnapped and terrorized by Ezekiel, Chris appeared to now be genuinely afraid of the feral kid.
  • While he was still a normal human , Ezekiel was able to speak 8 languages despite him being homeschooled.
  • Ezekiel, alongside Dave, is one of the only two villains by proxy in the show. In other words, they didn’t become villains by choice. Cyclically, they were both nice people at the start of their runs, but fell due to being betrayed, tricked and/or abused, and consequently developed a vengeful outlook on the other characters.
  • Throughout all of his spoken lines (in English), Ezekiel never uses the letter Q.
  • Ezekiel has 48 spoken lines throughout the whole franchise, and he no longer speaks due to becoming feral and losing that ability. Quaintly, the book of Ezekiel in the Holy Bible contains 48 chapters.
  • In "Walk Like an Egyptian — Part 2," Ezekiel spontaneously votes for DJ to be eliminated. This goaded some fans to jocularly speculate that Ezekiel is racist, though lack of other evidence and his later crush on Anne Maria serve to adequately discourage this theory.


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