Ezequiel is one of the main characters and an antagonist to The Cause in Dystopian show "3%". He is the current head proctor of the process.


Ezequiel from the show 3%

PERSONALITY and background

Ezequiel is shown to be highly intelligent and manipulative but has a soft spot for those close to him. He was shattered by the loss of his wife Julia. He is often one step ahead of his enemies, and rarely, if ever resorts to personal violence. He appears to strongly support the Process, but he has often broken the laws by taking care of Augusto, and hiding evidence so he could get Aline arrested. At one point, he was a member of The Cause.


He is atleast partially responsible for the death of Marco, as he convinced Joana to return to the dormitory to prove herself- He also closed the gate before Marco could escape, causing him to be crushed. He convinces Michele to sell out The Cause in exchange for getting to the Offshore so she can see her brother, in turn, leading to the Causes leader being captured.