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Yes. You've given me the courage I need, Ladybug. I feel like from now on, nothing can stop me.
~ Félix (disguised as Adrien) speaking to Ladybug, foreshadowing his intentions for the Miraculous.
If I wanted to harm you, uncle, I would've done it a long time ago.
~ Félix/Flairmidable speaking to Gabriel.
Barkk, on the hunt!
~ Félix during his transformation into Flairmidable.

Félix Fathom is a major antagonist in the French superhero cartoon series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, serving as the titular main antagonist of the episode "Félix" and the secondary antagonist of "Gabriel Agreste", "Risk" and "Strikeback".

He is Adrien Agreste's cousin and Gabriel Agreste's nephew, who uses his near-identical appearance to Adrien for various ends, often bringing him into conflict with Ladybug and Cat Noir. In "Strikeback", he temporarily receives the Dog Miraculous, becoming the hero Flairmidable, although he would subsequently betray Ladybug and her team afterward. He is also the current holder of the Peacock Miraculous.

He is voiced by Benjamin Bollen in French and by Bryce Papenbrook in English, who both also voiced Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir and Nightmare Adrien in the series.



Prior to the events of the series, Félix was born to Colt Fathom, an American billionaire, and Amelie Graham de Vanily, one of the twin heirs to the Graham de Vanily family; possibly due to their mothers being twins, he and his cousin Adrien Agreste perfectly resembled each other, using their similarity to switch places when they were children. He was also an acquaintance of Chloé Bourgeois in his youth, though he considers her a stupid, spoiled brat. Félix would later become known as a prodigy, and the youngest student to ever graduate high school in England. At some point, his father died of unknown causes, although the Agrestes didn't attend his funeral, leaving him embittered towards them.

Season 3

In "Félix," Félix comes to the Agreste mansion from London with his mother Amelie to see his cousin Adrien and his uncle Gabriel on the anniversary of Adrien's mother Emilie's disappearance. After they reacquaint with each other, Gabriel orders Adrien to take Félix to his room. Once there, Adrien apologizes for not coming to Félix's father's funeral, saying that Gabriel thought it would be too painful for him given what happened to his mother before, with Félix asking in response if he always does what his father tells him to, and Adrien answering that Gabriel is very protective of him. Félix then hugs Adrien, although he secretly pickpockets his phone from him at the same time.

He then tells Adrien he's going to take a shower and goes to the bathroom, but in actuality, he's looking at the video messages Adrien's friends sent him on his phone to support him on the anniversary of his mother's disappearance. While looking at them, he says they are all ridiculous and deletes the videos from Adrien's phone. He then asks Adrien where his clothes are kept under the pretense of needing clean clothes after showering and uses Adrien's clothes to disguise himself as him. He then takes Adrien's tablet and uses it to send a hateful video message to all of Adrien's friends, intending to destroy his reputation with them out of spite, which allows Hawk Moth to use their feelings of betrayal to Akumatize Alya Césaire, Rose Lavillant and Juleka Couffaine into the Punisher Trio so they can get revenge on the boy they think is Adrien and he can get Félix and his mother (whom he considers to be unwanted guests) out of his mansion.

When the Punisher Trio arrives in Adrien's bedroom, they find both Adrien and Félix there, causing them to become confused and ask which one is the impostor. Adrien points to Félix as the culprit, but the supervillains assume Adrien must be Félix because they think the real Adrien would never rat out his cousin. Adrien plays along and pretends to be Félix to protect his cousin, who hides in a corner. The villains try to attack Adrien, but Nathalie Sancoeur comes into the room and fights them off to protect Adrien. After the villains manage to incapacitate Nathalie, Hawk Moth sends them a telepathic message informing them that Félix is the real culprit, after which Félix comes out from the corner and reveals himself to them. They attempt to attack him with their powers, but Félix can dodge their attacks and escape thanks to his Karate skills.

Still disguised as Adrien, Félix is then brought to the rooftop of the Le Grand Paris hotel by Ladybug, who mistakes him for Adrien, to get him away from the Punisher Trio. There, he starts flirting with her and tries to kiss her forcefully, leading to Ladybug punching him in retaliation and realizing that he is not Adrien, as she thinks he would never be that forceful with her. Adrien then arrives at the rooftop as Cat Noir and informs Ladybug of Félix's true identity, shortly before the Punisher Trio follows Félix to the rooftop as well. Ladybug and Cat Noir begin to fight the villains, but Félix manages to take the Akumatized object (the tablet they were using to watch "Adrien"'s video call) from them and talks to Hawk Moth through the telepathic link he has with his villains, asking to help him steal Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses in exchange for Hawk Moth's help in stealing Emilie and Gabriel's wedding rings (not knowing that Hawk Moth is Gabriel). Ladybug uses her Lucky Charm object (a spray can) to trip up Lady Wifi, but in the process Cat Noir accidentally pushes Félix and the Akumatized tablet off the rooftop with his staff when Princess Fragrance's perfume hits him. However, Ladybug saves him with her yo-yo, and the tablet breaks on impact with the ground, de-Akumatizing Alya, Rose, and Juleka and releasing the Akuma for Ladybug to purify.

Later, back at the Agreste mansion, Adrien tells Félix that what he did to him was unforgivable, and Félix appears to be sincerely apologetic to Adrien and his father and promises to be a better person the next time he and Adrien meet, even hugging his cousin. Before Félix leaves, Adrien tells him that if he feels upset or out of control, he should call him before he does something he'll regret.

However, on the train back to London, Félix reveals to his mother that he stole Gabriel's wedding ring when they shook hands as a sign of forgiveness and that his remorse earlier was faked. His mother congratulates him for the successful theft, and he asks her if she wants the ring because she's been interested in it for a long time, but she allows Félix to keep it, saying that she wanted it all along because she wanted to give it to him.

Season 4

In "Gabriel Agreste", Gabriel hosts a masquerade ball and invites Félix and Amelie to attend, intending to retrieve his ring. On the way to the party, Félix watches one of Alya's videos about the Miraculous and their capabilities in intrigue. Félix and Amelie arrive at the party, and he quickly notices his uncle's brooches resembling the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses, becoming suspicious. Chloé approaches Félix and mocks his previous attempt at impersonating Adrien; Félix tricks her into thinking that he is the real Adrien, and taunts her for being foolish. Gabriel then takes his nephew aside and asks him why he stole his ring; Félix says that his mother wanted him to have it, and gives it back to Gabriel, claiming that he's made a copy for himself.

Gabriel accepts this, but returns to Nathalie's room and erupts into a rage, having immediately realized that Félix gave him a fake ring. From the hall, Félix overhears Gabriel's conversation, and leaves when Adrien calls him to his room. In order to obtain the ring and prevent Félix from deducing his secret identity, Gabriel transforms into Shadow Moth and constructs a Sentimonster copy of himself to make Félix vulnerable to Akumatization. Félix excuses himself from Adrien's room and sneaks into Gabriel's atelier, becoming pleased at his portrait of Emilie. The Sentimonster Gabriel approaches Félix and confronts him over the location of his real ring. Félix replies that it is in a "safe place" and accuses his uncle of being Shadow Moth; Sentimonster Gabriel denies this and threatens to destroy Félix's life with the snap of his fingers.

Panicked, Félix becomes vulnerable and is infected with an Akuma. Shadow Moth offers him the power to escape the Sentimonster Gabriel, and rebuffs Félix's accusations that he is Gabriel Agreste. Refusing to believe this, Félix rejects Shadow Moth's Akumatization and flees--as he does so, he tears the Sentimonster Gabriel's pants using a button from his shirt. Shadow Moth decides to akumatize his Sentimonster into The Collector and sends him after Félix to force him to reveal the location of the ring. Félix runs outside of the mansion to evade Collector, and is saved by Ladybug and Cat Noir; Cat Noir inquires why Collector is after him, and Félix claims ignorance.

Félix stands by as Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat Collector, and returns to the mansion once everything has been restored to normal. While he and his mother are leaving, he notices that Gabriel--who destroyed his Sentimonster once it was no longer of use--no longer has a tear on his pants, reaffirming his suspicions about his uncle. Some time later, Gabriel plants replicas of the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous in the safe behind Emilie's painting in anticipation of his nephew's return.

In "Risk," Félix learns of Gabriel's plan to send Adrien on a months-long world tour for a photoshoot with Lila Rossi (actually a cover, as Gabriel's latest Akumatized villain had influenced the Parisians into taking dangerous risks, a herald of his endgame plan). As a result, he leaves London to get Adrien out of it, bringing with him several high-tech devices to expose his uncle. Félix infiltrates the mansion disguised as Adrien, and the two switch places, with Félix saying he will stand up to Gabriel for his cousin. While Gabriel and Nathalie prepare for the trip, Félix steals her tablet and heads to Gabriel's atelier. With his equipment, he successfully opens Gabriel's safe and pilfers the two fake Miraculouses, taking them as confirmation his uncle is Shadow Moth. In doing so, he inadvertently accesses the chamber beneath the mansion, finding the preserved corpse of his aunt Emilie. Horrified, Félix returns to the mansion and accidentally leaves his equipment behind. While initially trying to stand up to Gabriel, Nathalie somehow gets him to go on the trip in Adrien's stead. At the train station, they are met by Ladybug (who has been influenced to no longer feel fear and take risks), begging 'Adrien' not to leave. However, Félix's impression of his cousin is too good, and he manages to leave against Ladybug's will.

In "Strikeback", Félix remains on the train and heads to the bathroom. There, he takes out the fake Peacock Miraculous and tries to activate it using the grimoire (the pdf version on Nathalie's tablet), but to no avail. Upon realizing the jewel is a counterfeit, he angrily crushes it. Later, Ladybug (unified with the Horse and Rabbit Miraculouses) arrives on the train, thinking he is Adrien. She gives him the Dog Miraculous with the power of Adoration, hoping he can help them defeat the nigh-invincible sentimonster Strikeback, which Shadow Moth unleashed on Paris. Félix accepts, becoming a dog-themed superhero. After Ladybug explains what Félix's power is (the ability to locate and summon a previously tagged object), they use the Rabbit Miraculous to travel back to the moment Risk, the Akumatized villain responsible for the risk-taking spell, was given his powers. Once they see the Akuma land in the child's doll, Félix tags it with his ball and they head back to the present: a bleak, demolished Paris courtesy of Strikeback. Félix activates his power of Fetch, teleporting the doll into their grasp. Ladybug purifies the Akuma and cures everyone of the spell. As Félix recharges his kwami, Barkk, he voices his intention to keep fighting by Ladybug's side, saying he feels unbeatable. He meets up with the rest of the community:c:hero:French! Miraculous team, including Cat Noir. As Ladybug formulates a plan to destroy Strikeback by sending it into the sun, Félix tags her yo-yo, which he saw is a portal to the Miracle Box. As the heroes enact the plan, Félix leaves, but voices regret in doing so. After Strikeback is defeated and the city restored, Gabriel angrily returns to his mansion, where Félix waits for him. Félix proposes a deal: Gabriel will give him the real Peacock Miraculous, and Félix will give him back his wedding ring as well as all the Miraculouses Ladybug has. Otherwise, Félix will tell Adrien about Emilie's fate. Gabriel agrees, and Félix summons Ladybug's yo-yo, allowing his uncle to steal every Miraculous of the Miracle Box (minus the Ladybug and Cat). Félix then gives up the Dog Miraculous, taking his prize and leaving. The boy is last seen on a train (presumably back to London), with the Peacock Miraculous in his possession.

Season 5

In "Multiplication", Ladybug and Cat Noir discuss how the former was fooled into believing that Félix was Adrien and gave him the Dog Miraculous, enabling him to steal all of the Miraculous and deliver them to Shadow Moth (now calling himself Monarch). Cat Noir determines that Félix and Monarch have made a mistake, as now they know that they have made contact, and the heroes determine that they must find Félix and make him reveal where Monarch is hiding. Using their Space powers, the heroes fly to Félix's home in London, where they meet Amelie; Amelie claims that Félix has not returned home since he left to visit Adrien in Paris, and Ladybug and Cat Noir decide to continue looking for clues to his whereabouts.

Returning home, Adrien reflects on how Félix manipulated him and decides to follow Marinette's advice about dealing with his father, which proves successful. Sometime later, Amelie calls Félix out for tea time, revealing that he is merely in hiding. Félix activates the Peacock Miraculous and meets its Kwami, Duusu; Duusu inquires if he is his new holder, with Félix insisting that he is much more than that.


Félix looks almost exactly like his cousin Adrien, but he has a smoother hairstyle and wears a black suit and tie with a white undershirt.


When Félix first arrives at the Agreste mansion with his mother, he appears to be a nice boy as he greets Adrien after not having seen him for a year and lets him show him around his room at his father's command. However, this is merely a facade as in reality, he and his mother hate the Agrestes and only came to the Agreste mansion to steal Adrien's father's wedding ring, and Félix was even willing to work with the supervillain Hawk Moth (not knowing that he and Adrien's father are one and the same) to this end. His hate for the Agrestes is so deep that he impersonated Adrien and made a hateful video call to his friends on Adrien's tablet to destroy his reputation with them, even though it was a pointless act of cruelty that did not help his primary goal of stealing the wedding ring at all. At the episode's end, he pretends to feel remorse for what he did and makes a false apology to Adrien before leaving the mansion. Felix realizes that Gabriel is Hawk Moth when he and his mother return to Paris for another visit. Although Gabriel was able to fool him into thinking otherwise with the use of a setimonster, Felix realizes that his suspicions were right after finding that his uncle's pants weren't ripped (As he tore the pants of the Seti-Monster version of him during their fight).

Despite his generally unpleasant personality, Félix does seem to genuinely care for his mother, as he asks her if she wants the wedding ring after he successfully steals it from Gabriel (although she allows him to keep it for himself). Felix was also horrified to discover that his aunt was hidden under the Agreste mansion in a comatose state.

Powers and abilities

As a civilian

Félix is skilled at manipulating people for his desires, taking advantage of Adrien to turn his friends against him, and later convincingly faking remorse for his actions to him. He is also very agile and a skilled Karateka, to the point of being able to hold his own against the Akumatized villains Lady Wifi, Reflekta, and Princess Fragrance by himself and all at the same time.

As Flairmidable

As Flairmidable, Félix has enchanted strength, speed, and durability. He can use the Dog Miraculous's special superpower, Fetch, to summon an object he's tagged with his ball from any distance, or even from a different timeline.


Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

While Félix appears to be friendly towards Adrien at first, he hates him and the rest of the Agrestes, to the point that he is willing to destroy Adrien's reputation with his friends just to spite him. However, his mother implies that his relationship with Adrien was more positive in the past, as they used to play together happily.

Félix does not know Adrien's superhero alter ego Cat Noir personally, but he is willing to side against him with Hawk Moth if it will allow him to get Gabriel's wedding ring (not knowing that Gabriel and Hawk Moth are the same person).

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Félix does not know Marinette in person, but he tries to ruin Adrien's reputation with her and his other friends out of spite by making a hurtful video call to them while disguised as Adrien.

At one point, Félix, while in disguise as Adrien, claims that he's always been in love with Ladybug, even trying to flirt with her and kiss her without her consent, which infuriated her after she saw through his disguise, and resulted in him being sucker-punched by her. However, it is unknown if he's really attracted to Ladybug or if he just did it in an attempt to further destroy Adrien's reputation.

Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth

Félix hates Gabriel as much as he does the rest of the Agrestes and the feeling is mutual, but Félix, unaware of the fact that they are the same person, is willing to collaborate with Hawk Moth for the sake of stealing Gabriel's wedding ring. After Gabriel discovers that Félix stole his wedding ring, he appears to feel anger towards the boy and implies he will seek revenge against him in the future. Despite Félix's hate for Gabriel, he is willing to make a deal with him in "Strike Back" for the Peacock Miraculous.

Amelie Graham de Vanily

Not much of Félix's relationship with his mother has been shown yet, but they do appear to genuinely love and care about each other, as Félix was willing to give her the wedding ring he stole because she's wanted it for a long time, while Amelie congratulated him for stealing it and allowed her son to keep it for himself.


Season 3

You always do everything your father tells you to do?
~ Félix speaking to Adrien.
Tch! Of course that idiot has a crush on a superhero.
~ Félix dismissing Adrien's crush on Ladybug.
First of all, thanks so much for all your messages, guys, really. Sending me messages on today of all days... to remind me how sad I'm supposed to be feeling? Why, that's great! Really! Thanks a lot! My father was right. What could I possibly get of going to school? Hanging out with you people is a total waste of time! And Chloé, you're still the same spoiled brat you ever were, you know that?
~ Félix, disguised as Adrien, sending an insulting reply to his friends' message to him.
Félix: Oh well, it's too easy. Where's the fun? You want real? I'll show you real.
Reflekta: It's time for punishment, naughty boy.
Félix: Be careful what you wish for, naughty girls.
~ Félix engaging the Punishers Trio.
Félix: Ladybug! Wait. I... I've always been in love with you, you know.
Ladybug: Huh? I...really?
Félix: If only you would... let me. Give you some courage before you go.
~ Félix attempting to force himself on Ladybug.
Félix: What makes you think I want it to be over? Hawk Moth! Can you hear me, Hawk Moth? You want Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous, don't you?
Lady Wifi: And what do you want?
Félix: I'm after a piece of jewelry, too. How about we make a little exchange?
~ Félix trying to get Hawk Moth's attention.
You've got yourself a deal. Now I think it's high time Ladybug and Cat Noir were punished.
~ Félix teaming up with the Punishers Trio against Ladybug and Cat Noir.
I don't deserve to be forgiven, mom. I put my favorite cousin in danger. He's right. No apology can ever be enough. I just hope I can learn from this, and come back to see you as a better person someday. I really am sorry. I'll do my best to make it up to you. And to you, too, uncle.
~ Félix falsely apologizing to Adrien and Gabriel.

Season 4

Sentimonster Gabriel: What are you looking for, Félix?
Félix: You. I'd like to get to know you better, uncle.
Sentimonster Gabriel: It's true. You don't know me very well at all, otherwise you wouldn't have given me a fake ring. Where did you put the real ring? The one that belongs to my wife?
Félix: In a safe place.
Sentimonster Gabriel: Wherever it is, you're going to give it back to me.
Félix: How do you plan to make me do that, by using your powers...Shadow Moth?
~ Félix accusing his uncle of being Shadow Moth.
Shadow Moth: Félix, I am Shadow Moth. You've put yourself in an unfortunate situation by trying to defy someone stronger than you. But I can give you the power to escape Gabriel Agreste. All I ask in return are Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous.
Félix: This is impossible! I'm not mistaken. You are wearing a Miraculous. Those jewels are underneath your scarf, the brooches!
Sentimonster Gabriel: Brooches? What are you talking about?
Shadow Moth: You really think that Gabriel Agreste could be Shadow Moth? He doesn't have what it takes! And neither do you. Accept the power I'm offering you!
Félix: I'm not afraid of your threats, and I don't need your power!
~ Félix rejecting Shadow Moth's akumatization and fleeing.
Félix: Hi there, my favorite cousin.
Adrien: How did you get in?
Félix: [Imitating Adrien] Oh, Nathalie! There was a problem with the car so I walked home but I forgot my keys!
Adrien: That's not how I talk!
Félix: You're right, you sound even more pathetic!
~ Félix reuniting with Adrien.
Félix: I know, and that's why the second I saw your face on TV this morning, I left London to get you out of this mess. Freedom is something you make Adrien. For starters, you gotta stop doing everything your father tells you to.
Adrien: I can't disobey him.
Félix: You can't, but I can. Remember how we pretended to be each other when we were little? We're gonna do the same thing. Because unlike you, I can say no to your father.
Adrien: I know my father. He'll never give in.
Félix: Or maybe your fear keeps you from seeing a hidden side of him? If I succeed, you get to go back to your school and your super nice friends tomorrow. So? Do you want to take that risk and try it?
~ Félix offering his assistance to Adrien.
I know you've got a secret, uncle. Nothing will stop me from finding out what you're hiding this time!
~ Félix begining to investigate Gabriel.
I knew it! Shadow Moth...
~ Félix discovering the fake Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous.
You're right, Nathalie. You have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself to you.
~ Félix, disguised as Adrien, speaking to Nathalie.
Ladybug did indeed make a mistake...uncle.
~ Flairmidable revealing himself to Gabriel.
Gabriel: What do you want, Félix?
Flairmidable: I want the
real Peacock Miraculous. And you're going to give it to me.
Gabriel: I don't know what you're talking about.
Flairmidable: Do you want me to tell Adrien about the secret code on the painting? Then, give me what I ask for, and I'll give you something better in exchange.
Gabriel: Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous?
Flairmidable: No. All the
other Miraculous. And this. I won't be needing it anymore. As long as Ladybug hasn't de-transformed, I only have to say one word and her yo-yo, the magic portal to the Miraculous, will be yours. Make up your mind, time is ticking.
~ Flairmidable offering to exchange the Miraculous and Gabriel's wedding ring for the Peacock Miraculous.



  • Before the creation of the series, Félix was originally conceived by Thomas Astruc as Marinette's love interest and the alter-ego of Cat Noir (as seen in the Ladybug PV), although he would eventually be dropped and replaced by Adrien because he came across as an "anime cliche" and his dynamic with Ladybug was deemed not convincing. Astruc would later consider bringing him back to the series, but eventually scrapped the idea and claimed that he would never appear. Regardless, he would eventually return, depicted as being Adrien's cousin with almost no resemblance to his original character.
    • Despite being a radically different character, Félix's more negative traits from his original depiction seem to have carried over into his appearance in the series, given his hostility towards Adrien's friends and his attempt to force Ladybug to kiss him (which is similar to how, in the original concept, he was less friendly and openly dismissive of Marinette's affections, and the fact that he wanted Ladybug to kiss him to remove his ring and the bad luck curse attached to it).
  • Félix is the only character in the series who is not a Miraculous holder, an Akumatized villain, or a Sentimonster to have an episode named after him.
  • Félix's name was inspired by the Latin meaning of the word, which is happy/lucky.
  • Félix is the second character in the series to know that Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth/Shadow Moth, the first being Nathalie Sancoeur.
  • Thus far, Flairmidable is the only Miraculous holder in the series whose name is not a direct reference to his Miraculous' animal, instead being a combination of the words "flair" and "formidable".


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