Samantha Evelyn Cook. IOI has purchased and consolidated all of your outstanding debt, currently in excess of 23,000 credits. You will be remanded to the nearest IOI loyalty center until your debt is paid in full, including any interest, processing, or late fees you incur henceforth.
~ F'Nale talking to Samantha Cook (also known as Art3mis) upon her apprehension.
They're kids Nolan, man the hell up! Do your job, and I'll do mine, unless you want to take this, and go after them yourself.
~ F'Nale presenting a firearm to Sorrento when he freaks out from Samantha Cook/Art3mis escaping her loyalty rig.

F'Nale Zandor is one of the two secondary antagonists of Ready: Player One (along with I-R0k). She is the leader of the Sixers. While she was in IOI she works with Nolan Sorrento and took Samantha Evelyn Cook with her Sixers.

She was portrayed by Hannah John-Kamen, who also played Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp.


F'Nale Zandor is an evil woman who works for Nolan Sorrento. Nolan is the CEO of the villainous Innovative Online Industries (IOI) corporation, and F'Nale's willingness to keep secrets has allowed her to climb the ranks at IOI very quickly.

She is the head of operations of her own division and is in command of the company's Sixers army. But F'Nale doesn't just command, she is more than capable of getting physical herself.

When IOI finds where the rebels are, Samantha Cooke allows herself to be captured by F'Nale and remanded to IOI's loyalty center in order for Wade Watts to get away.

She is eventually defeated and brought down. F'Nale is last seen being arrested along with her boss Nolan. When Sorrento is loaded into the same police car she is in, he quotes "F'Nale, listen to me" only for her to punch him as they are driven away


  • F'Nale Zandor did not appear in the book. She was exclusive to the movie and takes Nolan's place as the head of operations at IOI.
  • F'Nale Zandor bears a striking resemblance to Gazelle from Kingsman: The Secret Service as they are both evil women who work for the main antagonist (F'Nale Zandor works for Nolan Sorrento and Gazelle works for Richmond Valentine). Also, F'Nale Zandor and Gazelle are both experienced fighters. However, Bellatrix Lestrange, Vinda Rosier, Captain Phasma, Proxima Midnight, Jane, and many other villains also have these two similarities with Zandor.
  • Ready Player One and Ant-Man and the Wasp, both of which Hannah John-Kamen starred in, came out in 2018.


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